Friday, September 28, 2007

Official Card-Carrying Member

Just thought you should know; Percy is an official member of Guardians, Oracles, Diviners, Dowsers, and Mages.

You know: GODDAM

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bounty of the Rusty Walrus

The characters are seen as heroes by the city in general and the Scion of Skien in particular. Each is rewarded 500 gp for stopping the undead menace and can stay for free while in town.

Midport is a fair sized trade town. Items and services that cost 16,000 GP or less are readily available. Things higher than that will need to be determined.

Here is the treasue list from the last (yet first) D&D session:

  • Arcane Scroll - Break Enchantment
  • Arcane Scroll - Greater Dimension Door (Spell Compendium 64)
  • Arcane Scroll - Tongues
  • Arcane Scroll - Greater Dispel Magic
  • Blast Disk - 1 use, explodes for damage proximity or timed 1-10 rounds (Magic Item Compendium 152)
  • Boots of Landing - Always land on feet, -2d6 from fall damage (Magic Item Compendium 77)
  • Cloak or Resistance +1
  • Dust of Illusion
  • Elixir of Love
  • Everburning Torch
  • Goggles of Minute Seeing
  • Piercer Cloak - +1d6 when attacking from higher groud, +2d6 if charging (Magic Item Compendium 118)
  • Snakeblood Tooth - Replaces a tooth, grants +5 resistance to poison plus other additional bonus with charges (3 per day) (Magic Item Compendium 136)
  • Vest of Resistance +1 - Same as Cloak of Resistance (Magic Item Compendium 147)

4800 GP - I believe it was spent. 800 GP for restorations/donations to the church and 4000GP for 40 "100 GP" pearls for identify spells.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Shiny Stuff for New Characters

After much deliberation, I have decided on the following wealth for your new 9th level characters. This represents items found, purchased and traded during your adventuring career to date.
  • 50,000 gp in magic/equipment per chracter (I think this is a fair amont. This should be enough to buy a +2 weapon, +2 armor,+2 shield, a +4 stat bonus item and a few other odds and ends) Please do not spend all of your money on a single item.
  • Division of the following list of magic items between the 7 characters:


  1. Rod of Sure Striking - (Magic Item Compendium 175) +5 Insight bonus to next attack roll for every adjacent ally if used before user's next turn. 3 times per day.
  2. Finned Gauntlets - (Magic Item Compendium 100) Base Swim of 30 feet, +8 to Swim skill checks, can take 10 on Swim skill checks and may use run action with swimming (x4 movement)
  3. Gloves of Arrow Snaring -(DMG 257) Snatch Arrow feat twice per day
  4. +2 Chain Shirt with Ghost Ward (Magic Item Compendium 11) +2 enhancement bonus is added to touch armor class
  5. Rending Guantlets - (Magic Item Compendium 121) spiked guantlets that deal an additional 2d6 damage if you hit with two or more different melee weapons or natural weapons on your turn. 3 times per day.
  6. Gauntlets of Ogre Power - (DMG 257) +2 enhancement bonus to STR
  7. Vanguard Treads - (Magic Item Compendium 145) Boots with spiked, treaded soles that allow movement over difficult terrain with no penalty, not affected by ice, wet and slippery surfaces, +8 on resist Bull Rush and +4 on resist Grapple where you are pulled into the enemy square, still affected by spells and terrain damage and it is easier to track you.


  1. Divine Scroll of Heal, Mass
  2. Magic Bedroll - (Magic Item Compendium 145) - Endure elements while in it and +1 HP per level for a night's rest.
  3. Divine Scroll of Restoration
  4. Wand of Magic Missile (CL 5, 25 charges)
  5. Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+5)
  6. Armband of Elusive Action - (Magic Item Compendium 72) avoid provoking a single attack of opportunity once per day.
  7. Restful Crystal - (Magic Item Compendium 26) attaches to armor, sleeping in armor does not make you fatigued
  8. Amulet of Aquatic Salvation - (Magic Item Compendium 68) Water breathing for 5 rounds once per day
  9. Amber Amulet of Vermin, Giant Wasp - (Magic Item Compendium 68) Once per day summons a giant wasp for 1 minute just like Summon Nature's Ally
  10. Crystal of Energy Assault, Least, Electricity - (Magic Item Compendium 64) attaches to weapon, +1 elecricity damage
  11. Potion of Neutralize Poison
  12. Necklace of Copper Dragon Scales (Magic Item Compendium 118) resistance to acid 5 for 1 hour, 6 charges
  13. Potion of Displacement
  14. Iron Ward Diamond, Least - (Magic Item Compendium 26) attaches to armor, Damage Reduction 1/- up to 10 times a day.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Randy's Fucky Magic Items

So this ring, which is very cool, is "Regeneration +2" in addition to granting Fox Cunning 3 per day.
I was trying to shoehorn this into the program so I came across the regular ring of regeneration, which reads: heals 1 hp per level every hour. Loss of limb or organ is also regenerated.

One would think if my shiny new ring regenerated organs the wizard would have had eyes. So, what does it do in regards to regenerating? 2 per round? x2 per level per hour? Does/does not regenerate limbs?

Monday, September 10, 2007

In the Mithral Mines

When last we left our intrepid adventures they had run into Moragar The Mad. The truly evil creator of the dimensional hole twixt the Key Chamber of the Great Mine of Gamil Zirakdumdûm and the King's Chamber in the Dwarven city Barazinbar. Upon the body of Moragar were papers linking him to the creation of the Great Key as well as to a the creation of another portal meant to allow direct access between the mine and some other place. This second project changed Moragar drastically. It drove him mad and caused him to do some truly terrifying things among which was the destruction of a Kensai master's mind, the release of the animals in the dwarven menageries and the summoning of a black dragon by the name of Kibil-nâla. This last he did in order to question him about the nature of the problems Moragar was incurring with keeping the dimensional portal stable. He seemed to think Kibil-nâla a) knew the answer and b) would tell it to Moragar. He also seemed to think it fortuitous that the dragon's name meant silver load in Dwarvish.

The adventurers have learned that the portal chamber is somewhere on this level and that Moragar's rooms are on the next level up. Moragar is apparently still unconscious. Dave is trapped in Moragar's body, which seems to be a great deal healthier than when Dave first became an unwilling occupant of it, and Moragar occupies Dave's. Which can not be healed without awakening Moragar.

OK, it has been suggested that I finish this story arc so that Keith can have a turn. I can do this in two weeks if everyone seriously starts in gaming when we hit the table tomorrow. If not it will take longer. There are at least three encounters between now and the final battle of this arc, not BTW the final battle of the overall story. The big bad you are not even close to ready for. If you paid attention in the last couple of paragraphs you will realize what you will be going up against. Even if we push ahead here you will need to pay attention.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Core Characters, or The Four Basic Monster Food Groups

1. Stand Up Fighter. Well filled out by: Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian. NOT filled out well by Bards, Rangers, or bow monkeys. We're talking Power Attack + Cleave at first level.

2. Good-Aligned Cleric. Once you get past the title there's a lot of flexibility. Warpriest, Nature Girl, Power Buffer, whatever. They all work so long as you can spontaneous heal. Can also be filled out by a Favored Soul. DO NOT accept Druids or Bards in this role.

3. Trap Negator. Someone that can find and remove traps. Picking pockets, social skills, appraise, and sneaking are all a matter of personal preference. MUST be a Rogue. No one else will do.

4. Arcane Caster. Sorcerer or Wizard. Of the Basic Four, this position has the most flexibility. Buffer, Artillery, Seer, Sage, Illusionist, etc. All can be just as effective as the others.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Expedition to the Demonweb Pits

I am almost ready to start running Expedition to the Demonweb Pits.

I had considered running this adventure on Sunday rather than Tuesday but I am concerned that it would take forever to finish and I am afraid that the players would become lost of bored. I also want to run my Champions game on Sunday so I think that I will stick with running on Tuesday.

This is a long D&D adventure that will take characters from 9th through 12th levels. This will be a commitment to run and to play. It is a long story with many facets. There are many encounters (sometimes as many as 12 per section) and there are at least 6 major sections of the adventure. Some encounters are combat and some are role playing but most combine the two.

That said, I need to have characters that will fit the story. It will be more enjoyable for all (GM and players) if the characters have a reason for getting involved other than it is the adventure that is currently being run. We will need to have characters that are on the Good side of the spectrum. There will be important alignment related story hooks and resources. There will be some non-combat related skills that will be useful. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am not sure that all or most of the characters from the Cliffport game will fit the adventure without major rework that I am not willing to make.

As I see it, we will have 4 players that will be the core (Randy, Dave, Bruce and Steve). We have 3 players that are hit and miss (Daren, Kara and Tess). We will need to have the basic needs of the party met by the 4 core players.

I am open to discussion on the topic. I want the story to be fun for you and I want it to be fun for me.


Keith's Website Updated

I have spent some time this weekend working on my website.

Most of the changes are cosmetic but I did make some headway on my Champions game pages. It is my goal to have both game pages, Remedy and Pulse, completely up to date by the end of September.

That said, I will need to get updated characters from some of you. I still need copies of Bruce's Agent Muffin with updates (I have an old copy on the site), Bruce's Fadeout, Dave's Gomuk and Jon's Wonder Man. I will work to finish updating certain chracters, Steve's Micron, Daren's ABEL, Randy's Unknown , Randy's Dog (Rx) and Russ' Cold Fire.

I know that this is the Tuesday Game Blog but who need to make Champions characters for Sunday? Kay, Brian and Joe?

As for the D&D portions of my site, what do you guys want to see there? I can post characters if people get them to me. Is anyone interested in doing summaries of the sessions or completed adventures? Do you want to keep track of treasure pick order and treasure passed out? Anything else? Ideas?

Same questions for the HEX page. What would you like to see?


Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hollow Earth Expedition

Well, I ran a session of the Hollow Earth Expedition. I would like some feed back on what you thought.

Did you like the game concept (Pulp adventure in the center of the earth during the 1930's)?

Did you like the system? It is a bit simplistic but that is one of its charms. Not a ton of rules to contend with. Not a very tactical system. i.e. a game mat is not required.

The game is meant to be very role playing oriented. Character interaction is important.

I like the game and I would like to run it some more. With that in mind we have several options.

1) Continue to run one session short adventures. I have several published adventures (at least 6).

2) Run a short campaign, likely 4-8 sessions with one major story and a sub-plot or two.

3) Run a long campaign, open ended game with several major stories.

Once we decide that, we need to deterine what kind of game you would like to play. For example:

1) high combat - characters are part of a military organization out to complete an objective (a la Aliens, Escape from New York or Saving Private Ryan)
2) exploration - an exploration party determined to unlock the secrets of something which leads them to the unexpected and unexplained (a la Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park or King Kong)
3) castaway - Group of strangers from various walks of life that find themselves stranded and unprepared for what awaits. The main goal is to find a way home. (a la Gilligan's Island or Lost)
4) episodic - characters make controlled sorties into the Hollow Earth to complete objectives (a la Star Gate or Sliders)

I am open to your thoughts. Tailoring the game to your expectations and the types of character that you want to play should make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2