Thursday, April 24, 2014

Learned something new

As it seems with every time I play at a venue other than Bruce's house, I learned some thing I did not know about Pathfinder. I am not sure that this has impacted our play but it is good to know.

On page 562 of the Core Rulebook:

Overcoming DR: Damage reduction may be overcome by special materials, magic weapons (any weapon with a +1 or higher enhancement bonus, not counting the enhancement from masterwork quality), certain types of weapons (such as slashing or bludgeoning), and weapons imbued with an alignment.

Ammunition fired from a projectile weapon with an enhancement bonus of +1 or higher is treated as a magic weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Similarly, ammunition fired from a projectile weapon with an alignment gains the alignment of that projectile weapon (in addition to any alignment it may already have).

Weapons with an enhancement bonus of +3 or greater can ignore some types of damage reduction, regardless of their actual material or alignment. The following table shows what type of enhancement bonus is needed to overcome some common types of damage reduction.

DR Type                                              Weapon Enhancement Bonus Equivalent

Cold iron/silver                                                                 +3

Adamantine*                                                                    +4

Alignment-based                                                              +5

* Note that this does not give the ability to ignore hardness, like an actual adamantine weapon does

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

PFS Next Week

It looks like the consensus is that you would like to try some tier 5-9 PFS adventures. I will plan to run the following three-part story beginning next week:

#4-22 Halls of Dwarven Lore
#4-24 The Price of Friendship
#4-25 The Secrets Stones Keep

Alan only has one character in the adventure range. That is is his 7th level Cleric, GiZer. Looks like Dave has 3 character options; Fantasticleez (8), Sven (8) and Li Hua (7). David has 4 character options; Zaldon (7), Al goBoom (9), Tamara (5) and Penny (6).

Assuming that we still only have 3 players, we will round out the party with a 7th level pregen. Since Alan is playing a cleric, I expect you will choose the rogue or an arcane caster.

It looks like your APL will be between sub-tiers. That means you will need to play down (sub-tier 5-6) with no adjustments due to the number of characters. If you manage to hit the APL for the higher sub-tier, you would play that with the 4-character adjustments.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Tomorrow I will be running running #35 Voice in the Void. This is a tier 1-7 scenario from season 1. There are 3 sub-tiers; 1-2, 3-4 and 6-7.

Have you guys decided which sub-tier you want to play?

Assuming that I only have 3 players, the pregen to round out the table will match the sub-tier you choose to play. i.e. 1st for tier 1-2, 4th for tier 3-4 and 7th for tier 6-7.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day Jobs Change

Looks like we have done this wrong with Season 5.

According to the Change Log for the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play:  Removed the following text: “There are no Day Job checks when playing a sanctioned module or Adventure Path.” Day Job checks are now available after playing either of these sanctioned content.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Slight Change in Plans

Looks like Bruce has a new temporary work assignment for the next 6 weeks or so. He has be gracious enough to allow us to continue to use his place to hold our game even if he is not available.

As the gamers, you should see no difference (other than the absence of Bruce). We will still meet at the same time and place. I will be there early to open up.

This does mean a change in plans for our PFS schedule. Dave is going to postpone running Destiny in the Sands part 3 until Bruce is able to play. That means any characters that started the adventure are tied up until we complete it.

This does give us the opportunity to play some scenarios that both Bruce and I have played but the rest of you have not. I will start next week by running #35 Voice in the Void. This is a tier 1-7 scenario from season 1. There are 3 sub-tiers; 1-2, 3-4 and 6-7. I expect that we can play any of the sub-tiers based upon the characters folks have available. It is up to the players. I am only expecting Dave, David and Alan next week so if we do not have another player that means that we will round our the party with a pregen.

For the following weeks, I have a two-parter from season 2. Both are tier 1-7 as well.  I also have a couple of tier 3-7 (sub-tiers 3-4 and 6-7). One is from season 3 and the other is from season 5. In addition I have several tier 5-9 scenarios (sub-tiers 5-6 and 8-9). One is from season 1, there is a three-parter from the end of season 4 and one from season 5.

What we play is up to you guys. We have more adventures than weeks were we do not expect Bruce. I want to make sure you get opportunities to play the scenarios that sound the most interesting to you. I also want to make sure that you do not level any characters out of upcoming, planned adventures. Here is the list of scenarios. You can look up the scenario descriptions on the Paizo site.

Tier 1-5
#3-5 Tide of Twilight
#5-1 The Glass River Rescue.

Tier 1-7
#2-1 Before the Dawn - Part I: The Bloodcove Disguise
#2-2 Before the Dawn - Part II: Rescue at Azlant Ridge

Tier 3-7
#3-8 Among the Gods
#5-2 The Wardstone Patrol

Tier 5-9
#50 Fortune's Blight
#4-16 The Fabric of Reality
#4-22 Halls of Dwarven Lore
#4-24 The Price of Friendship
#4-25 The Secrets Stones Keep
#5-7 Port Godless

(Edit: Added three more scenarios to the list of possible ones for me to run.)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Planning for our Ongoing PFS Play

We are at a point with our regular PFS play group where we are almost ready to open up tier 5-9 and tier 7-11 play on a regular basis. With a little planning, I think we can get there soon. To start, it looks like we need to get Alan and Dave to get at least one more character up to 5th. I would also suggest that Alan create another 1st level character and maybe a second. Dave may want to do the same. David has two 1st level characters which have 1 XP from playing pregens (Six and Brigeta) which need to be defined.

For the future, I know that we have a few things tentatively planned. As discussed in the previous post, out next two weeks are planned.

The items below just need to be scheduled:

Bruce wants to run the module Thorn Keep - Sanctum of a Lost Age which is tier 6-8. Likely will take 2 weeks to play. I assume that everyone wants to play the same characters we have been. (Bront, Li Hua, Gizer, Penny and Dominic)

I can also run the module Masks of the Living God which is tier 2-4. It is the sequel to Crypt of the Everflame. Again likely to take 3 weeks to play but could be shorter. The third part, City of Golden Death is tier 4-6. I assume that folks want to play the same characters as they played on the first partin parts 2 and 3. (Jerry, Fergus, Canto, Al-Ma-Resh and Dolgrin)

I want to run the module Fangwood Keep which is tier 3-5. Likely will take 3 weeks to play. I would like to apply credit to Ibis.

I want to run The Dragon's Demand in campaign mode. This will start with 1st level non-PFS characters but credit can be assigned to PFS character(s). The chronicles are best applied to a single 2nd level PFS character which will end up being 6th at the end or a 3rd level character which will end up being 7th. It will work with a 1st level character or multiple characters but not as well. I need at least 2 XP to get the character I want to receive credit to 2nd level.

Available low tier scenarios:

I have 2 more tier 1-5 scenarios, Shades of Ice - Part II: Exiles of Winter and Shades of Ice - Part III: Keep of the Huskarl King.

Dave has tier 1-5 Library of the Lion to run.

Bruce has tier 1-5 The Prince of Augustana, Delirium's Tangle, Tide of Twilight and The Glass River Rescue. He also has tier 1-7 The Pallid Plague.

Two of the next four scenarios released over the next two months will also be tier 1-5. (The Horn of Aroden and The Merchant's Wake)

You can find a copy of the latest Adventure tracking spreadsheet on my web site at It may help you determine what new character classes might fit well within a tier range.

Next week

Bruce has graciously ageed to run  PFS Scenario 3-07 Echoes of the Overwatched next week. It is a tier 1-5.

Right now we only have 3 confirmed players. (David will be missing due to family obligations and Kelly has a new job and may not be available.) That means if we do not find a 4th player we will need to use a pregen to round out the party. Which one is still to be determined.

I have played this scenario before but I am using one of my GM Star replay credits. I can play either sub-tier. I have a 1st level swashbuckler and a 1st level fighter. I also have a 3rd level summoner, a 4th level ranger and a 5th level magus. Alan has two 3rd level characters (a ranger/rogue and a summoner) so that leaves Dave to pick the sub-tier. He has a 1st level oracle, a 3rd level cleric, a 3rd level sorcerer and a 4th level ranger/fighter.

If Kelly does make it, he has a 1st level summoner, a 3rd level cleric, a 3rd level fighter/bard, a 4th level monk and a 5th level barbarian/sorcerer.

The following week we will resume with Dave running #5-16 Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2