Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More on the new Paizo card game

Check out this link for more details about the game: http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/v5748dyo5le0n?Mike-Selinker-on-the-Pathfinder-Adventure-Card

Still waiting to hear about more playtest details. I expect to hear soon.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Alchemist Bombs

I am seeking advice on the Paizo forums for our Alchemist bomb vs. mirror image questions. I think we worked out most of it. The only part I am still questioning is what happens when a bomb successfully hits a figment. We will see what kind of answers come of my post.

Re-reading the bomb rules, I came upon a distinction that I want to make sure is clear.

Targeting a foe requires a ranged touch attack against the target's touch AC. A direct hit dealt damage as normal. A miss scatters in a random direction a number of squares equal to the range increment. If a target is in or adjacent to the square it hits, they take splash damage. That is minimum damage with a reflex save for half.

A grid intersection with an AC5 may be targeted instead of an opponent. If you hit, anyone in the 4 squares adjacent to the intersection take splash damage. If you miss, calculate scatter and splash damage as normal. You cannot target a grid intersection occupied by a large or bigger creature. If you want to target that intersection, you must target the creature. You may target an intersection next to a big creature.

Bombs cannot deal percision damage.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Paizo scheduled maintenance

Went to the Paizo site this afternoon and got the following:

It is apparently their scheduled maintenance message. Thought it was cool.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Paizo Card Game Playtest

Are we interested in playtesting a card game for Paizo? The details are here: http://paizo.com/forums/dmtz6nal

I think we could easily do the 10 session version. The 30 session version might stretch our abilities/availability.

It would be something different.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Funds are low again

Our Tuesday Fun Fund is getting low again. Not that we have any expected expenses currently but I thought that we should keep track of where we are at.

For your information, I have been tracking the latest contributions and expenses on the section to the top left of the screen.

Made a mistake

I made a mistake. The combat that we left off with last night is not finished. I missed part of the encounter in a wall of stat blocks. We will pick up where we left off. The only healing that should have been applied is the positive channel that Otis did before we broke.

If Kara and Corey are there next week I will figure a way to get them into the action. (I have an idea but we can discuss when folks arrive.) Corey would need to play a 7th level pregen and Kara will need to play Simone. Even with 7, the APL will still be under 9 so playing the 7-8 sub-tier is appropriate.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Midnight Mirror for PFS Credit

I will be starting The Midnight Mirror for PFS credit tomorrow. It is a module for 3rd-5th level characters. This is likely to take the better part of three weeks to complete.

Based on your available characters:

Kara will be playing a Cleric (3rd). Corey will be playing a Cleric (3rd). Dave will be playing his Fighter/Bard (3rd). Bruce has his choise of Samurai, Magus or Inquisitor (5th/4th/4th). Steve has his choice of Rogue or Sorcerer (3rd/5th). Kelly has his choice of Barbarian/Sorcerer or Monk (both 3rd). David has his choice of an Oracle or Fighter (3rd/5th).

Monday, October 1, 2012

WinterCon 2012

I do not have a ton of details as of now but there will be another local convention in December.

WinterCon 2012 Gaming Convention
Oakland University
Rochester, Michigan
December 7-8

Look here for more details when they are available: http://metrodetroitgamers.wordpress.com/

AFO Answers

Regarding Flaws:

You get one extra Style point if you take a Flaw during character creation. Characters may start play with only one Flaw but with the Gamemaster’s permission, you may add, change, or remove one during play.

I recommend taking a flaw but they are optional. They provide great role play opportunities and provide means to gather Style while playing.

Regarding Style:

All characters begin their careers with one Style point. You may start play with up to five total Style points. However, you have to do some extra work to earn them. Additional starting Style points may be earned in a variety of ways, always at the discretion of your Gamemaster.

At the end of each adventure, all Style points are lost. At the start of the next adventure, the character begins with Style points as described above. Players should not hoard Style points—they’re meant to be used!

* Taking a Flaw at character generation: 1 pt.
* Writing a character background: 1–3 pts.
* Creating a plot hook (e.g., a rival or dependent) for your character: 1 pt. each
* Using props or costumes for your character: 1 pt.
* Miscellaneous (e.g., hosting the game): 1 pt.

For example, Bruce would have 4 starting Style (1 just because, 1 for a Flaw, 1 for a character background and 1 for hosting). That is his Permanent Style which is the minimum that he will start each adventure with.

Additional temporary Style can be earned for the following:

* Pursuing your character’s Motivation: 1 pt.
* Succumbing to your character’s Flaw: 1 pt.
* Heroic actions (Cool Tricks, daring stunts, brave acts, etc.): 1 pt.
* In Character (Roleplaying, humor, etc.): 1 pt.
* Out of Character (Game report, diary, etc.): 1–3 pts. These points are earned at the start of the session the game report, diary, or whatever is handed to the GM.
* Miscellaneous (Hosting the game, bringing treats, etc.): 1 pt.

There is no limit to the number of Style points you can earn during play; however, to keep it from getting out of hand, the Gamemasters may limit you to earning five Style points per game session. (You will find that the flow of Style will lessen if you are not spending it.)

Exceptional game events, both good and bad, can change your Permanent Style rating.

Regarding Everyman Skills and Free Resources:

All Musketeer characters begin the game with Level 0 in Fencing or Melee, Firearms, and Ride. In addition, a hero may pick one additional Level 0 Skill fitting their background. Since all Musketeers are employed soldiers, they receive the Rank Resource at 0 for free during character generation. In addition, a Musketeer is a gentleman, and all gentlemen have servants, better known as lackeys. Thus, heroes also start with Followers at Level 0.

Church characters receive the same general benefits, but with a few differences. First, the only skill they must take is Academics: Religion. Beyond that, they are free to choose whatever Skills they like, though Linguistics should be seriously considered by any character who wishes to play a full priest, monk, or friar. Without the ability to speak Latin, characters are limited to lay positions. Ordained clergy are restricted to Rank 0, while monastic characters may only rise to Rank 1. Such characters are not full members of the clergy, and have yet to take their holy vows. They use the prefix “Lay” before their rank.

Otherwise, the character has free choice in his zero-level Skills. After all, the characters had a life, even if a short one, before entering the Church. Gamemasters should feel free to impose certain requirements or disallow certain Skill choices unless the player can provide good reason for his character to have them as Skills he learned during his formative years. Thus, while a retired soldier may have Firearms and Melee, they would be an unusual choice for a healer.

Second, all clerical characters must take Rank 0 as an absolute minimum. This is not negotiable—a character without Status is simply not a member of the Church. The other choice of zero-level Resource is up to the player, but again it should tie in the character’s personality and backstory. We strongly suggest the second Resource be a Lackey, but this is not compulsory. Members of a monastic order may not take the Status Resource to represent a noble title.

Note that all church characters have to take vows of chastity, obedience, and poverty to some degree. A character is not required to take the Vow Flaw, though; that Flaw is for characters who hold their vows in especial high regard and who may suffer as a result.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2