Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Planning for Eyes of the Ten

After Gen Con, we will have some charactehrs which have hit 12th level with 33 XP. That means that they will qualify to play Eyes of the Ten.

I know that I will have Sir Kalten (paladin). Bruce will have Otis (cleric). Dave is very close with Scrawny Jax (summoner).

David is closest with with Al goBoom (alchemist).  He should be 10th level after the con. Zaldon (fighter) could get there if he worked on leveling him instead. Alan would need to work on GiZer (cleric) to get there but I expect him to be 9th level before the con.

I was thinking of asking our Venture Captain, Bill, if he might be able to schedule some Tuesday nights to run the series for us. I was thinking that we could just invite him over to Bruce's.

The whole series is 4 adventures which grant 5 XP and a max of 10 PP. I expect that we would need at least 5 Tuesday sessions to complete the whole thing maybemore if we cannot slate enough time per session.

I expect that we could plan to be ready by the early part of next year.


If there is not an appetite to do this on Tuesday nights and/or some folks are not interested in playing, we can pursue other options for those who are interested.

D&D Next News - D&D Adventures League

Check this out:

Sounds kind of familiar ...

I wonder about these certificates. It soulds like they could become a real world cash commodity.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Schedule leading up to Gen Con

Here is what I see as out Tuesday schedule leading up to Gen Con:

  • 5/13/14: PFS – Keith run #27 Our Lady of Silver (5-9)
  • 5/20/14: PFS – Keith complete running #4-24 The Price of Friendship (5-9)
  • 5/27/14: PFS – Keith #4-25 The Secrets Stones Keep (5-9)
  • 6/3/14: PFS – Assuming Bruce is back. Dave complete running #5-16 Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages (3-7)
  • 6/10/14: PFS – Bruce run Pathfinder Online: Thorn Keep - Sanctum of a Lost Age (6-8)
  • 6/17/14: PFS – Bruce complete running Pathfinder Online: Thorn Keep - Sanctum of a Lost Age (6-8)
  • 6/24/14: PFS – Bruce run #43 The Pallid Plague (1-7)
  • 7/1/14: TBD. Keith may not be there
  • 7/8/14: Keith run Super HEX playtest
  • 7/15/14: Keith run Super HEX playtest
  • 7/22/14: Keith run HEX playtest
  • 7/29/14: TBD. Maybe Keith runs Fangwood Keep (3-5)
  • 8/5/14: TBD. Maybe Keith runs Fangwood Keep (3-5)
  • 8/12/14: TBD. This is the night before we leave. I expect attendance to be spotty.

I think this schedule is close to realistic and we do have some wiggle room. I think that Bruce was looking for 3 table credits to hit his 2nd GM start before the convention. I still do not know if we will be asked to playtest any Mars material before Gen Con. If we are asked, I think we can squeeze it in.


I also expect that we may take a break from PFS after Gen Con to build up some more available lower-tier scenarios. Again we can play tier 5-9 and 7-11 but we need to get some more characters into the 5+ range.

We have several options. I now have several adventures for Star Wars and Firefly and I anticipate that Revelations of Mars and Space 1889 will be in hand by then. We also have several All For One modules and a couple of Leagues of Adventure modules. All that running any of these game systems really requires is a commitment to create characters. Some of the stuff I have for Star Wars and Firefly can be played with pregens to get the hang of the systems.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Next Week

It looks like Alan will not be available next week so I will need to postpone the end of The Price of Friendship until the following week.

I can run a tier 5-9 or tier 7-11 scenarion next week which no one has played. I suggest this because we have limited lower tier adventures available. I would further suggest an early season adventure which were scaled to 4 characters. I was thinking a season 0 scenario, Our Lady of Silver #27.

Excluding the characters tied up in The Price of Friendship, you have the following in this level range:

Bruce has the options of Elise, witch (9), Izzy, inquisitor (9), Jennifred, magus (7), Goonter, gunslinger (7) or Jack, samurai (5).

Dave has the options of Fantasticleez, cavilier (8) or Sven, figther (3)/bard (2)/dragon disciple (3)

David has the options of Al goBoom, alchemist (9), Penny, summoner (6) or Tamara, oracle (5).

Which 7th level pregen that rounds out the party will depend on the party choices. I am guessing it will come down to a rogue, a cleric or one of the arcane casters.

Let me know if this plan works for you and which characters you plan to play.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2