Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Ubiquity (HEX) Setting in June 2010

Check it out. There is a new Ubiquity (system that is used by HEX) setting coming out this summer. It sounds like it might be up the group's collective alley.


The same company is on the cusp of releasing HEX conversions for their Daring Tales of Adventure line. (I have been looking at these already but if they plan to convert them to a system we play, I will wait for them to come out before purchasing them.)

On top of that, Revelations of Mars is likely to come out this summer too and Exile is planning on coming out with a line of official PERIL adventures. I do not know much more but they sound neat.

I see some Ubiquity/HEX/Mars in our futures.

HEX Page Updated - 2/23/10

I added some resources as attachments to the HEX page.


I added a cool book-style character sheet. It is supposed to resemble a passport.

I also added a Action Tracker and Action Space worksheets.

Logistics for tonight

We are still on for gaming at Daren's and Kara's house tonight. Dave is scheduled to run his Pathfinder game.

In case Dave forgot, I have a web cam and software with me. As long as Dave can get it to work on his laptop, we should be able to connect to Bruce in KY.

We were able to do it successfully on Saturday. It worked out fairly well. It is not as good as live but it is better than not at all.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What are the character names in Dave's game?

What is everyone's character names?

I know Bruce is Mako. Kara is Beatrice. I am Ochango. I do not remember the name of Corey's, David's or Randy's characters. I think Randy's dog is Poodle.

Thak is our goblin NPC.

I was thinking or writing some in-character fiction and I thought that it would be good to use everyone's names.

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Pages Feature

There is a new Pages Feature available for the blogs. The links to these pages will display near the top of the blog.

I have created a few place holder pages. To start with I have created one for HEX art, one for my HEX Game, one for Dave's Pathfinder Game and one for my Pathfinder game. The Home view is the normal Blog view. Each blog can support up to 10 pages.

These are static pages that can be updated by Bruce, Dave or myself. Let us know if there are new pages that you would like to see and what kind of information that you would like to see on them.

Tomorrow's Game

I am expecting Dave to run his Pathfinder game. Players that I expect are me, Corey, Kara, Daren and Bruce. Looks like Bruce will be in attendance in person this week. The start of his trip has been postponed and he is not sure when he is leaving. Randy sent me an e-mail saying that he was planning to attend. Steve is not available until March.

Daren is very excited to host the game at his new place for the next few weeks. He had some concerns about space and things like that. I told him not to worry, we would make it work. The one thing that he was concerned about was not having a character. I also told him not to worry.

Dave, do you have a character for Daren to play?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HEX Page Updated 2/10/10

The HEX page has been updated.


I have posted two new diary entries from Becky and a photo by Margo.

Next Week the Game is at Kara and Daren's

With Bruce going out of town for a few weeks, the game will be moving to Kara and Daren's place until he gets back. (Expected to be gone two weeks.)

There address is 333 Massoit St, Clawson, MI 48017.

The game will start at the normal 7:00 time. If Dave is willing to try using Skype, Bruce will attempt to join us from KY over the Internet.

We are not expecting Steve again until March.

I am expecting Dave to run his Pathfinder game.

Ran my Pathfinder game last night

I ran my "Wandering Knights of Korvosa" game last night for Corey, Kara and Bruce.

A small group with six characters. We had fun.

This will be the game that I pick up running once Dave is ready for a break. That said, I believe that the characters need to be converted from Beta. Corey and Bruce worked on some conversion but still had more to do. Kara needs some help with her sheet. The characters should be 10th level.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2