Friday, December 19, 2014

Next Week

We are gaming on 12/23/14. We still have the last encounter of #3-03 - The Ghenett Manor Gauntlet to complete. I could plan to run some more of the Silverhex Chronicles quests to fill in the rest of the session time.  The only wrinkle is that it looks like Alan will not be able to attend next week. He has suggested that we plan to play something else next week and finish up the scenario and play quests on 12/30/14. (yes we are planning to game that day too).

If folks agree to playing something else, I can plan to run a low-tier PFS adventure instead next week. Randy has expressed an interest in working on expanding his stable of characters. He only has two with any XP; Ser Roland (7th) and Vedross (3rd).

We have the following scenarios that no one has played:

5-22 - Scars of the Third Crusade (1-5)
6-01 - Trial by Machine (1-5)
6-05 - Slave Ships of Absalom (1-5)
We also have a few that either Bruce or I would need to use a GM Star replay and the other run:
2-01 - Before the Dawn - Part I: The Bloodcove Disguise (1-7)
2-02 - Before the Dawn - Part II: Rescue at Azlant Ridge (1-7)
5-01 - The Glass River Rescue (1-5)
6-06 - Hall of the Flesh Eaters (1-5)
3-08 - Among the Gods (3-7)
5-02 - The Wardstone Patrol (3-7)
6-02 - The Silver Mount Collection (3-7)
Any preferences? I would like to know what I should be prepared to run.

Monday, December 15, 2014

WinterCon 2015

There is another upcoming local gaming convention in January which will be offering PFS:
WinterCon 2015
January 24, 2015
Oakland University
Oakland Center
Admission: $12

As I understand it, paying admission gets you the ability to play events without additional charge. I am not sure how sign-up will happen. 

Here is what is being planned for PFS at the moment.
Slot 1: 8:30 AM-1:00pm

1: PFS 6-10: The Wounded Wisp (tier 1-2)
2: PFS 5-11: Library of the Lion (tier 1-5)
3: PFS 6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters (tier 1-5)
4: PFS 4-05: The Sanos Abduction (tier 3-7)
5: PFS 5-13: Weapon in the Rift (tier 5-9)

Slot 2: 1:30pm-6:00pm

1: PFS 6-10: The Wounded Wisp (tier 1-2)
2: PFS Mod: The Murder's Mark part 1 (tier 1-2)
3: PFS 6-01: Trial by Machine (tier 1-5)
4: PFS 6-09: By Way of Bloodcove (tier 3-7)
5: PFS 6-04: The Beacon Below (tier 7-11)

Slot 3: 6:30pm-11:00pm

1: PFS 6-10: The Wounded Wisp
2: PFS Mod: The Murder's Mark part 2 (tier 1-2)
3: PFS 5-01: The Glass River Rescue (tier 1-5)
4: PFS 6-11: The Slave Master's Mirror (tier 3-7)
5: PFS 6-07: Valley of the Veiled Flame (tier 5-9)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Next Week

Next Tuesday, Dave will be running #3-03 - The Ghenett Manor Gauntlet. This is a tier 5-9 scenario.

Possible characters for this scenario are:

Keith – Mikhal (magus 8), Simon (monk 7), Bront (rogue 8), Maltok (ranger 5), Ibis (conjurer 6), Pinky (summoner 5)
Bruce - Jack (samurai 7), Jerry (ninja 6), Jennifred (magus 9), Goonter (gunslinger 7)
David - Zaldon (fighter 7/ranger 1/barbarian 1), Al goBoom (alchemist 9), Tamara (oracle 6), Penny (summoner 7), Natalia (druid 5)
Kelly – Bellis (barbarian 1/sorcerer 5), Dominic (paladin 8)
Alan – Gizer (cleric 9), Rassem (summoner 5)
Randy - Ser Roland (cavalier 7)

I am also shooting to have Christmas cookies but it may not happen until 12/23. I will have to see how things go this Sunday.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wardens of the Reborn Forge Sanctioned for Seeker Play

The module Wardens of the Reborn Forge has been sanctioned for Seeker play. If you take a 12th level PFS character through the whole adventure you will receive 4 chronicles sheets. This will grant you a potential of 12 XP, 18 PP and a tone of gold and available items and boons.

This is an alternative cap-stone adventure like Eyes of the Ten (which only grants 5 XP).

This is a module and does not necessarily have the PFS flavor. The whole module is sanctioned. Each part has its own chronicle sheet. The 4th sheet is only available if you complete the whole adventure with an appropriately leveled PFS character. i.e. 12th level for part 1, 13th level for part 2 and 14th level for part 3.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Local Game Store Convention – Pandemonium Frost – January 9th-11th

This is a free, local convention. From the sounds of it there will be other games besides PFS.

If you plan to attend, slot sign-ups are being done through Warhorn. Warhorn sign-ups can be found here: Even if you have a Warhorn ID, you will need to register for this event to be able to sign up.

Here is what they are offering for PFS so far:

Friday 1/9/15, 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM

Module                Risen from the Sands     2nd to 4th
33           Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible            1st to 5th
2-06       The Heresy of Man - Part I: The First Heresy        5th to 9th
6-06       Hall of the Flesh Eaters  1st to 5th
6-08       The Segang Expedition  1st to 5th
6-09       By Way of Bloodcove     3rd to 7th
6-10       The Wounded Wisp        1st to 2nd
6-11       The Slave Master's Mirror            3rd to 7th 

Saturday 1/10/15, 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Module                From Shore to Sea – Slot 1           5th to 7th
2-01       Before the Dawn - Part I: The Bloodcove Disguise             1st to 7th
2-07       The Heresy of Man - Part II: Where the Dark Things Sleep             5th to 9th
2-12       Below the Silver Tarn     7th to 11th
6-01       Trial by Machine               1st to 5th
6-07       Valley of Veiled Flame   5th to 9th
6-08       The Segang Expedition  1st to 5th
6-09       By Way of Bloodcove     3rd to 7th

Saturday 1/10/15, 2:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Module                From Shore to Sea – Slot 2           5th to 7th
Module                Realm of the Fellnight Queen – Slot 1     6th to 8t
h2-02       Before the Dawn - Part II: Rescue at Azlant Ridge              1st to 7th
2-09       The Heresy of Man - Part III: Beneath Forgotten Sands 5th to 9th
2-16       The Flesh Collector          7th to 11th
5-12       Destiny of the Sands, Part 1: A Bitter Bargain       1st to 5th
6-10       The Wounded Wisp        1st to 2nd
6-11       The Slave Master's Mirror            3rd to 7th

Saturday 1/10/15, 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM

Module                Realm of the Fellnight Queen – Slot 2     6th to 8th
Module                Risen from the Sands     2nd to 4th
33           Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible            1st to 5th
5-15       Destiny of the Sands, Part 2: Race to Seeker's Folly          1st to 5th
5-99       The Paths We Choose    3rd to 7th (two tables)
6-08       The Segang Expedition  1st to 5th
6-09       By Way of Bloodcove     3rd to 7th

Sunday 1/11/15, 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM

Module                Carrion Hill – Slot 1           4th to 6th
Module                Cult of the Ebon Destroyers – Slot 1        7th to 9th
2-18       The Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor            7th to 11th
3-17       Red Harvest       7th to 11th
5-16       Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages          3rd to 7th
6-03       The Technic Siege            5th to 9th
6-10       The Wounded Wisp        1st to 2nd
6-11       The Slave Master's Mirror            3rd to 7th

Sunday 1/11/15, 3:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Module                Carrion Hill – Slot 2           4th to 6th
Module                Cult of the Ebon Destroyers – Slot 2        7th to 9th
2-20       Wrath of the Accursed  7th to 11th
3-26       Portal of the Sacred Rune            7th to 11th
6-08       The Segang Expedition  1st to 5th
6-09       By Way of Bloodcove     3rd to 7th
6-10       The Wounded Wisp        1st to 2nd
6-11       The Slave Master's Mirror            3rd to 7th

PFS Next Week

I will be running #5-23 - Cairn of Shadows next Tuesday. This is a tier 5-9 adventure.

After last week, Kelly's paladin leveled to 8th and David's oracle leveled to 6th. Please make sure to level up if you plan to play those characters.

Possible character for this scenario are:

Bruce - Jack (samurai 7), Jerry (ninja 6), Jennifred (magus 8), Goonter (gunslinger 7) 
Dave - Fantasticleez (cavalier 8), Helmut (ranger 2/fighter 3), Li Hua (oracle 8), Ebo (sorcerer 5)
David - Zaldon (fighter 7/ranger 1/barbarian 1), Al goBoom (alchemist 9), Tamara (oracle 6), Penny (summoner 7), Natalia (druid 5)
Kelly – Bellis (barbarian 1/sorcerer 5), Dominic (paladin 8)
Alan – Gizer (cleric 9), Rassem (summoner 5)
Randy - Ser Roland (cavalier 6)
Level 7 pregens can also be player to either assign future credit to an existing character or provide the first XP to a new level 1 character.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Current plans for December

I have decided to wait on running a module for a bit so that I can earn back replay for my GM Stars.

This Tuesday I will run #2-25 - You Only Die Twice. I will plan to run #5-23 - Cairn of Shadows the following week. Both are tier 5-9.I expect we will be playing the higher sub-tier but that is up to the group.

It would be nice if Dave can plan to run #3-03 - The Ghenett Manor Gauntlet (5-9) and/or Bruce to run #4-04 - King of the Storval Stairs (7-11) in the following weeks. That should take us through December and likely into January.

I should be available the Tuesdays leading up to Christmas. I am likely not available on 12/30/14 but it is a bit early to tell.

I plan to run the three tier 7-11 "of the Fiend" scenarios starting in January. These are:

#22 - Fingerprints of the Fiend
#2-10 - Fury of the Fiend
#5-17 - Fate of the Fiend

Monday, November 24, 2014

Next Few Weeks

Tomorrow I will be running scenario #5-21 - The Merchant's Wake. Bruce is planning to play a new level 1 guy so I expect that we will be playing the low sub-tier (1-2). That means that characters from 1st to 3rd are the best fit.

After that I was considering running a module. I have a couple tier 7-9 adventures which I can run.
The first is Cult of the Ebon Destroyers. The summary from the back cover reads:
A malignant cult has taken root in the mystical and magical realm of Jalmeray. Known and feared throughout distant Vudra, the cult of Dhalavei has expertly destroyed organizations and societies from within for millennia. Now a new sect of the sinister Cult of the Ebon Destroyers has its sights set on Thakur Kharswan of Jalmeray, and the magistrates and bureaucrats behind the throne must hunt down and eliminate the cult before the unthinkable happens. If only there were someone they could trust to behead Dhalavei's cult before the assassins do the same to their beloved ruler…
The second is No Response from Deepmar. The summary from the back cover reads:

A hundred miles off the Chelish coast lies the remote island of Deepmar, where the House of Thrune sends prisoners to work in crystal mines, wresting valuable spell components from the depths of the earth. A month ago, all contact with the penal colony ceased, and now someone must discover what mysterious fate has befallen the prisoners and guards of this isolated mining operation. The abandoned colony shows no signs of struggle yet something is clearly not right: Herds of animals lie mutilated in the surrounding fields. The savage beasts of the island have run amok inside the compound. And the silent, gaping mines—each named for a different layer of Hell—lead to new threats beyond anyone's imagining. As the PCs explore the island in search of the missing miners and their jailers, what they discover may unhinge their very minds. If left unchecked, the new masters of Deepmar could bring about a new era of madness for all of Cheliax—and beyond.
Does the group have a preference as to which one to play?

Based upon available characters, it looks like Kelly would play his paladin (7). Bruce has his choice of his samurai (7), magus (8) or gunslinger (7). Dave has his cavalier (8) or oracle (8). David has his fighter/ranger/barbarian (9), his alchemist (9) or his oracle (7). Alan has his cleric (9).

Randy's cavalier is still 6th. We will need to play a few more tier 5-9 or 3-7 scenarios to get him to 7th.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Newest Hero Lab Update has Some Occult Adventures Character Classes

I was checking Hero Lab for updates before going to U-Con tomorrow. To my surprise and pleasure, it appears that the Occult Adventures playtest character classes are now available. To my disappointment, only some of the characters are available and only one of the ones I was considering playing.

The classes that made it are: Medium, Mesmerist, Psychic and Spiritualist.

Maybe they will do another update soon.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Looking for a volunteer

I would like to get a PFS character from the Occult Adventures playtest. In order to do that, I need to play it at least once between now and 11/25/14.

Would anyone be willing to run one of the following scenarios in the next few weeks?

5-21 The Merchant's Wake

5-22 Scars of the Third Crusade

6-01 Trial by Machine

6-05 Slave Ships of Absalom

If everyone wants to play one (or two), I can arrange to run another low tier scenario before the deadline. I can run one of the one above or maybe the first level of The Emerald Spire.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Next Week

I decided that the last encounter from last week’s scenario does not need to be played. I will have chronicles on Tuesday. In the meantime, everyone earned 2603 GP (except Kelly who earned 4238 GP), 1 XP and 2 PP. Day jobs will have to be rolled at the start of the session.

Dave will be running PFS next week. He will be running a tier 5-9 scenario.

Not sure if Bruce will have to work or not. If Randy attends we will have to play sub-tier 5-6.

Based upon who attends, here are the possible party make-ups:

Sub-tier 5-6

Alan – Rassem [summoner] (5th)
Kelly – Bellis [barbarian/sorcerer] (6th) or Dominic [paladin] (7th)
David – Tamara [oracle] or Natalia [druid] (both 5th) or Penny [summoner] (7th)
Keith – Maltok [ranger] or Ibis [wizard] (both 5th) or Simon [monk] (7th)
Bruce – Jerry [ninja] (5th), Jack [samurai] (6th) or Goonter [gunslinger] (7th)
Randy - Ser Roland Rittern [cavalier] (6th)

Sub-tier 8-9

Alan – Gizer [cleric] (9th)
Kelly – Dominic [paladin] (7th)
David – Penny [summoner] (7th) or Zaldon [fighter] or Al goBoom [alchemist] (both 9th)
Keith – Simon [monk] (7th) or Bront [rogue] or Mikhal [magus] (both 8th) or Stragen [rogue] (9th)
Bruce – Goonter [gunslinger] (7th) or Jennifred [magus] (8th)

Occult Adventures Playtest is Open

The playtest for an upcoming hardcover, Occult Adventures, is now open. The book is scheduled for release in July 2015. I expect this is the major Gen Con release.

This playtest includes six new character classes. Here is the brief description of each:

Capable of controlling elemental forces, the kineticist can call upon her inner power to manipulate the world around her and assault her foes.


Drawing upon the power of the spirit world, the medium can perform seances that allow the spirits to inhabit his body, granting him unearthly powers.


Manipulating the mind of allies and enemies alike through his hypnotic gaze, the mesmerist can create illusions and powerful enchantments.


Investing his psychic power into objects of personal or historical significance, the occultist can wield such implements to devastating effect.


Purely focused on the power of the mind, the psychic can wield the mightiest of mental magics, allowing her to crush the will of her foes and explore the deepest reaches of thought and consciousness.


Forever bound to a phantom, the spiritualist forms a close bond to this otherworldly apparition, whether it resides in her mind or manifests in the world.

If you wish to play one of these new classes in PFS until the hardcover is released, you will need to play it at least once between now and 11/25/14. There is a chronicle that you must have associated with the character which grants your ability to play the character and other potential boons.

A link to the playtest document can be found here:

A link to the PFS chronicle can be found here:

I honestly do not see us getting in more than 1 or 2 sessions appropriate for new characters by 11/25/14. If you are interested in trying one of these new classes, speak up so that we can plan accordingly.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Next Week

We need to decide on what we are doing next week.

Alan will not be in attendance. Bruce is on nights again and likely has to work.

That leaves us expecting Dave, David and Kelly with the possibility of Randy.

Kelly's highest level character is 7th with 18 XP. Randy's highest guy is 5th with 14 XP. 

With an eye toward getting us to some more high level play, our options are:

  • If both attend, play high sub-tier of a tier 1-7 or 3-7 scenario.
  • If only Kelly shows, play low sub-tier of a 5-9 scenario.
  • If only Kelly shows, play high sub-tier of a 5-9 scenario.
  • If Bruce is unable to play and Randy does not show, we would play a 7th level pregen.
Possible party make-up:

Sub-tier 5-6 or sub-tier 6-7

Dave - Helmut or Ebo (both 5th)
David - Tamara or Natalia (both 5th) or Penny (7th)
Bruce - Jerry (5th), Jack (6th) or Goonter (7th)
Kelly - Bellis (6th) or Dominic (7th)
Randy - Ser Roland Rittern (5th)

Sub-tier 8-9

Dave - Fantasticleez or Li Hua (both 8th)
David - Penny (7th) or Zaldon or Al goBoom (both 9th)
Bruce - Goonter (7th) or Jennifred (8th)
Kelly - Dominic (7th)
Randy - 7th level pregen

Looking at what scenarios we have available, I can only run a tier 1-7 or 3-7 if Bruce is unable to play. We do have several tier 5-9 scenarios to choose from.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Eyes of the Ten Ramp Up

I spoke with our PFS Venture Captain last night and he is willing to run Eyes of the Ten for our group some time after the first of the year.

We need to get a group of 4 to 6 characters that have reached 12th level to be able to play. When we play, it will take up 5 sessions for the four scenarios (the first one is double length).

Right now, here Bruce and I have a character at 12th level. Bruce has Otis his cleric. I have Sir Kalten my paladin. Dave has his summoner, Scrawny Jax, who is 1 XP away from 12th.

David has two characters, his fighter, Zaldon, and his alchemist, Al goBoom, which are 8 XP away from 12th. Alan has his cleric, Gi Zer, which is 9 XP away from 12th.

Kelly and Randy both need 15 XP or more to have a character who would qualify to play.

To get us to a group that can play, we will need to play a bunch of tier 5-9 and 7-11 scenarios over the next few months. The good news is that we have a bunch of both of those available.

Next Week

Bruce plans to run PFS next week. The scenario is #43 - The Pallid Plague. This is a tier 1-7 (sub-tiers 1-2, 3-4 and 6-7). We can play any sub-tier but I expect that we will be playing either 3-4 or 6-7 based upon the available characters for the group. I have run it so this will be my second credit for the scenario. I will let the rest of you determine which sub-tier we play.

Monday, October 6, 2014


We will be finishing up the Star Wars adventure tomorrow. It will not take the full session (maybe an hour or two). We will fill the remaining time with new PFS quests from the Silverhex Chronicles. I expect that we will likely get through 2 quests.

These quests are a bit different from the previous quests. These grant XP, PP and gold. There are 6 quests in total.  The more quests you play, the greater the rewards on the chronicle sheet. These new quests require a 1st level pregen to play. Credit must be assigned to a 1st level character. Once you have played another scenario with that character which assigns XP, that character can no longer play any of the remaining quests. All six quests are replayable. Each time a new 1st level character must receive credit.

Chronicle rewards as follows:

1 quest - 1 XP, 1 PP, 100 GP
2 quests - 1 XP, 1 PP, 250 GP
3 quests - 1 XP, 1 PP, 250 GP, boon
4 quests - 1 XP, 2 PP, 350 GP, boon
5 quests - 1 XP, 2 PP, 500 GP, boon
6 quests - 1 XP, 2 PP, 500 GP, 2 boons

Rewards are set based on the number of quests played rather than cumulative. The rewards do get progressively better but not in every category. There is also an opportunity to earn a 3rd boon during play of the quests.

The latest vesrion of the pregens are available at This file includes the 10 new ACG iconics. New/updated versions of the CRB icons, the APG iconics (alchemist, cavalier, inquisitor, oracle, summoner, witch) and Ultimate Magic iconic (magus) are in the works but there is no ETA at this time. I am not sure if the Ultimate Combat iconics (gunslinger, ninja, samurai) are due for a rework or not.

We will plan for Bruce to run #43 The Pallid Plague on 10/14. If folks would like, we can finish up the remaining quests on 10/21.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The pallid plague

When I do run this one, which tier do you think I'll be running at--1-2, 3-4, or 6-7 ?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gen Con PFS reporting complete

As of 9/8/14, all Gen Con PFS reporting should be complete.

If you still have missing sessions, send a PM from the Paizo site to Tonya Woldridge. She should be able to help you out.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Today's Paizo Blog

The Paizo blog today provides some answers for many outstanding Season 6 PFS question. You can find it here:

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Dragon's Demand

It has been almost a year since we were seriously talking about playing The Dragon's Demand.

If we ever want to play this, everyone needs to create a new 1st level character. (The particulars and listed below.)

Here again for your reading pleasure are my thoughts on the module.

The Dragon’s Demand
I plan to run a new Pathfinder module, the Dragon’s Demand. This will be a several month adventure which will take your characters from 1stto as high as 7th level. I am willing to start running this as soon as 10/15/13 but folks will need to have their characters made. We can play this continuously from beginning to end or we can play it in parts with other stuff in between. We will see how things go. There are three chapters in the module. Chapter one will take you from 1st to 3rd. Chapter two will take you from 3rd to well into 4th. Chapter 3 can take you from 4th to 7th.
Character Creation:Charters should be 1st level. For ability scores use a 25 point buy. Hit points will be max at first level. Each level after will be average for you hit die plus your constitution bonus. You will have 150 GP to buy your starting gear.
The Hook: A man named Silas Gribb offers you a job as caravan guards. You will start the game in north central Taldor within the Verduran Forest traveling south from the city of Wispil, a gnome town which provides most of the kingdom’s woodcraft and timber.
PFS Credit: We will be playing this adventure in Campaign Mode. This means that you will play a non-PFS character but you can assign PFS credit for playing to a PFS character or characters of your choice. (You could make your character to be an alternate version of your PFS character if you like.)
At the completion of the adventure, there are three chronicles that can be earned and applied to PFS characters. The first is for characters leveled 1-3. The second is for characters leveled 3-5. The third is for characters leveled 5-7. These can be applied to the same character or multiple characters. If applied to the same character you will earn a bonus chronicle which can be applied to a 2nd, 4th or 6thlevel character. Each chronicle is worth 3 XP, 4 PP and has gold, boons and items available upon them.
In my estimation, the optimum way to apply these chronicles is to a 2nd level character. You would apply the 1stchronicle (taking you to 3rd), then the 2nd chronicle (taking you to 4th), then the bonus chronicle (taking you to 5th) and lastly applying the 3rd chronicle (taking you to 6th).

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Next Couple of Weeks

Next week Dave will finish running #5-11 Library of the Lion and I will start running #2-19 Shades of Ice - Part III: Keep of the Huskarl King. We will need to finish it up on 9/23/14.

What do you folks want to do after that?

We are expecting Bruce to return in person on 9/30/14.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

iPad map app

We should give this a try:

I installed it and it looks pretty cool.  Havent imported any maps yet, but character portraits work well.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Ubiquity Super Heroes Testing

I would like to do some additional playtesting for my Ubiquity Super Heroes game. For this round I would like to create a new set of player characters based upon your character concepts. This will help me determine where I may be missing material and maybe try out some new powers that have not been tested by players as of yet.

What I need from each of you is a low powered character concept (similar in power level to the Manhunters). Based on your concept, I will attempt to create a balanced character to play some sessions. If things go well, this could be the start of a new campaign.

I am still working on all of the crunchy bits and it will likely be several more weeks before I am ready to hand documents over to the group and let you have a try at making your own characters without my assistance.That will be the next phase of testing.

I would also like to test some higher powered characters to see if things breakdown. I have made some as NPCs but the real test is when they hit the players' hands. That will be the fourth phase of testing.

I am serious about trying to get this published and appreciate your honest feedback as we proceed.

Just when I think I'm out...

..they keep dragging me back in.

I just got an email that Ford extended my stay here on afternoons till sept 26.

So two more weeks than I reported last email.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Next Week

We need to discuss what we plan to do next week. David will be out of town next week and will be missing the Tuesday game. We are currently in the middle of a PFS adventure. Should we hold completing it until the following week?

Either way we will need another adventure to run. What tier do you want to play. We have five tier 1-5, one tier 3-7, several 5-9 and even more 7-11 potentially available.

Bruce is scheduled to be away again next week but should be back with us after that. I would rather wait for him and David to be back before playing anything other than PFS.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Emerald Spire is now sanctioned for PFS

The Emerald Spire is now sanctioned for PFS.

Each level grants 3XP and 4PP for normal advancement. There is also a Land Rush bonus chronicle which grants additional benefits to a character who received two or more Emerald Spire chronicles.

There are 16 levels so if you plan to take a single character through it from beginning to end, you will need to do slow advancement for some levels. (The ones marked with asterisks are the levels that Paizo recommends doing on slow.)
Level 1: The Tower Ruins (1–2 )
Level 2: The Cellars (1–3 )
Level 3: Splinterden (2–4 )
Level 4: Godhome (3–5)*
Level 5: The Drowned Level (3–5)*
Level 6: The Clockwork Maze (4–6)
Level 7: Shrine of the Awakener (5–7)
Level 8: The Circle of Vissk-Thar (6–8)
Level 9: The Spire Axis (7–9)
Level 10: The Magma Vault (8–10)*
Level 11: The Tomb of Yarrix (8–10)*
Level 12: The Automaton Forge (9–11)*
Level 13: The Pleasure Gardens (9–11)*
Level 14: The Throne of Azlant (10–12)*
Level 15: Order and Chaos (10–12)*
Level 16: The Emerald Root (11–13)
We will need to plan out who wants to play/run the various levels. I expect that this will be between 32 and 40 weeks worth of PFS content.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

GenCon - unreported scenarios

How long do they have to report scenarios online?  Scrawny Jax is still missing credit for the special (Legacy of the Stone Lords) and Sven is missing credit for Bonekeep.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PFS tonight

I will be running a tier 1-5 PFS scenario tonight. I think it will be 5-19 The Horn of Aroden.

Bruce will be remote. Dave will not be able to attend.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Season 6 Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play Now Available

The Season 6 Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play is now available on the Paizo site.

I have also uploaded a copy to my web site:

This document goes live with the start of Gen Con on 8/14/14.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

No 8/12/14 Session Due to Gen Con

Our next scheduled session will be on Tuesday 8/19/14.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hero Lab Update

The character creation update for Hero Lab just went live.  Looks good.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Our PFS Data

Here is some data about our PFS experience from the last five years. This is not a commentary but just some interesting facts.

This the breakdown of our group's PFS GMing:

This is our total breakdown of scenarios, modules and adventure paths:

This is the breakdown of where I have played my PFS sessions. (Home = one of our houses, cars or hotels i.e. not an organized venue)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

PFS: Update of Aasimar and Tiefling Grandfathering

From John Compton
It's apparent from reading the messageboard and a few messages I've received that it's not clear what qualifies as "grandfathering." Let me clear that up.

The updated Guide will establish that a player cannot retrain a character into an aasimar or tiefling without a corresponding race boon. That means that if you're playing a character that you intend to grandfather in as an aasimar or tiefling, it's critical to play the character as an aasimar or tiefling. None of our pregenerated characters are aasimars or tieflings, so that means that pregen credit is not sufficient for grandfathering in a character.

What about for GMs? For a character built entirely from GM credit, is it possible to determine what race that character is or would become? Let's look at two major possibilities for a GM with a 5th-level, unplayed blob of GM credit.

Really Strict: The player needs to actually play the character as an aasimar, thus locking in the character.
Really Lenient: The player can choose to be an aasimar or tiefling whenever she actually builds and plays the character because she applied XP to the character before August 14th.

Mike and I have discussed better approaches, and we're going with something in-between.
Moderate: If a GM intends to use a character made of GM credit to build an aasimar or tiefling, simply write something to the effect of "This character will be an aasimar when I play it" on the most recent Chronicle sheet that grants XP.

You don't need to get it notarized or anything like that, nor do you need to establish what class, ability scores, or other character options it has. This is just a simple, self-policing step to establish a character as a member of a restricted race in time for that character to be grandfathered in. What we don't want is a GM holding onto undefined GM credit for 18 months before making a tiefling, as that's going against the spirit of this opportunity.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tomorrow - PFS:Finish Fangwood Keep and Gen Con HEX Playtesting

We have one more encounter and the final paperwork to wrap up Fangwood Keep. I expect that this will take about an hour.

After that I plan to run my 2-hour super hero scenario that I will be running at Gen Con. There are 8 characters and only 5 players. I was expecting that Dave, Bruce and David can run two characters each as they are most familiar with HEX/Ubiquity. Dave and Bruce have dibs on Snowfire and Lonestar. Other than that you can divy up the rest as you see fit.

The character sheets are linked at

As Alan and Kelly are only playing one character, I will give them first pick of the remaining characters assuming that they respond before the game.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PFS in Season 6

Season 6 is the Year of the Sky Key.

Last call on aasimar and tiefling characters. These races are being removed from the always available list as of 8/14/14 when the new Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play goes live (start of Gen Con). A character must have earned 1 XP by that date to be grandfathered into the campaign. In the future, these races will be available again through boons. To help make up for this, they are adding three new races to the always available list: kitsune, nagaji, and wayang.

Many factions are changing. Here is the mapping for the impacted factions:

Sczarni and Qadira  - The Exchange
Osirion – Scarab Sages
Taldor – Sovereign Court
Cheliax – Dark Archive
Andoran – Liberty’s Edge

As far as I can tell Silver Crusade and Grand Lodge are not impacted. Regardless, each character is supposed to be offered the option of a free faction change at the start of Season 6.

Check out more details here:

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hero Lab Update

The latest update for Hero Lab organizes languages into new categories: Common, Uncommon, Planar, and Rare.  Ancient Osiriani has gone missing.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Tomorrow - #4-17 Tower of the Ironwood Watch

I will be running #4-17 Tower of the Ironwood Watch tomorrow. It is a tier 5-9 adventure. I expect that we will be playing high sub-tier.

We will only have 4 players; Bruce, Dave, David and Kelly. That means that you will play up with the 4-player adjustments.

Because some folks have a character tied up in Thornkeep, the following are what we have available to play:

Bruce has Jennifred - magus (7), Izzy - inquisitor (9) and Goonter - gunslinger (7) available. (I expect that either Jennifred or Goonter is getting the Thornkeep credit but neither will be leveled out of tier so I am pretty sure that it does not matter.)

Dave has Fantasticleez - cavalier (8) and Li Hua - oracle (8) available.

David has Zaldon - fighter (8), Al goBoom - alchemist (9) and Tamara - oracle (5) available.

Kelly has Frabbl - druid (7)/bard (1) and Dominic - paladin (7) available.

My goal is to try to get the adventure completed in one night. Assuming that folks arrive on time and given the number of players, I feel that this is something we can accomplish.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

PFS Adventure Tracking Spreadsheet

I have updated our PFS Adventure tracking spreadsheet.

It can be found here:

I am currently tracking which adventures you have played (by character for everyone except Bruce and Steve) as well as the total XP, Name, Class and Faction for each character. Items highlighted in yellow on the Character Tracking tab are either missing or in need for verification.

On the Scenario Tracking tab, R = run, P = played, R, P = run and played, D = died. (#) after an R or P means you have run or played that scenario that number of times for credit. The Seasons, Module and Adventure Path sections collapse and expand uing the + or - buttons to the left. Character detail can be expanded or hidden by selecting the + or - above the player's name. Row 254 displays the XP for your characters when expanded if they are being tracked. The highlights are notations I use for planning.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The rest of June

Dave will finish up Destiny of the Sands, Part 3 next week. We will likely have some time left to start something new.

With Kelly back, we no longer have the play the pregen option for Bruce to play if we run something he has already played. Also with Alan's 8th level character tied up in the last level of Thornkeep, his highest avaiable character is 3rd level.

I have two low level modules I can run. The first is tier 2-4. It is Masks of the Living God. This is the sequel to Crypt of the Everflame. The other is Fangwood Keep which is tier 3-5. From my records it looks like everyone has at least one character that can be played in either module.

Alan will not be available on 6/24. So I will likely not finish either module before the session on 7/1. I am about 80% sure I will be available on that day.

So we will have a week with 4 players, excluding Alan. Do you have any requests for characters and/or levels that you want to play? We have characters in any tier but I would like to save the tier 1-5 scenarios for when we have the most players. That leaves a bunch of tier 5-9 and 7-11 scenarios. If there is no preference, I will prepare to run #4-17 Tower of the Ironwood Watch for that week. It is tier 5-9 which I have played but none of you have.

Monday, June 2, 2014


Since we have characters tied up in PFS adventures, our choices of what we can play tomorrow are limited.

Alan’s only 8th level guy is tied up in Thornkeep until we can finish that. The likely date appears to be 7/13/14.

Depending on Bruce’s connectivity tomorrow, Dave can try to finish #5-16 - Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages and free up those characters. This is the tier 3-7 adventure with the mythic boost.

I can also plan to run a tier 1-7 2-part adventure which Bruce has already played. #2-01 - Before the Dawn - Part I: The Bloodcove Disguise and #2-02 - Before the Dawn - Part II: Rescue at Azlant Ridge. Based upon available characters, you would need to play either sub-tier 1-2 or 3-4.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Planning for Eyes of the Ten

After Gen Con, we will have some charactehrs which have hit 12th level with 33 XP. That means that they will qualify to play Eyes of the Ten.

I know that I will have Sir Kalten (paladin). Bruce will have Otis (cleric). Dave is very close with Scrawny Jax (summoner).

David is closest with with Al goBoom (alchemist).  He should be 10th level after the con. Zaldon (fighter) could get there if he worked on leveling him instead. Alan would need to work on GiZer (cleric) to get there but I expect him to be 9th level before the con.

I was thinking of asking our Venture Captain, Bill, if he might be able to schedule some Tuesday nights to run the series for us. I was thinking that we could just invite him over to Bruce's.

The whole series is 4 adventures which grant 5 XP and a max of 10 PP. I expect that we would need at least 5 Tuesday sessions to complete the whole thing maybemore if we cannot slate enough time per session.

I expect that we could plan to be ready by the early part of next year.


If there is not an appetite to do this on Tuesday nights and/or some folks are not interested in playing, we can pursue other options for those who are interested.

D&D Next News - D&D Adventures League

Check this out:

Sounds kind of familiar ...

I wonder about these certificates. It soulds like they could become a real world cash commodity.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Schedule leading up to Gen Con

Here is what I see as out Tuesday schedule leading up to Gen Con:

  • 5/13/14: PFS – Keith run #27 Our Lady of Silver (5-9)
  • 5/20/14: PFS – Keith complete running #4-24 The Price of Friendship (5-9)
  • 5/27/14: PFS – Keith #4-25 The Secrets Stones Keep (5-9)
  • 6/3/14: PFS – Assuming Bruce is back. Dave complete running #5-16 Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages (3-7)
  • 6/10/14: PFS – Bruce run Pathfinder Online: Thorn Keep - Sanctum of a Lost Age (6-8)
  • 6/17/14: PFS – Bruce complete running Pathfinder Online: Thorn Keep - Sanctum of a Lost Age (6-8)
  • 6/24/14: PFS – Bruce run #43 The Pallid Plague (1-7)
  • 7/1/14: TBD. Keith may not be there
  • 7/8/14: Keith run Super HEX playtest
  • 7/15/14: Keith run Super HEX playtest
  • 7/22/14: Keith run HEX playtest
  • 7/29/14: TBD. Maybe Keith runs Fangwood Keep (3-5)
  • 8/5/14: TBD. Maybe Keith runs Fangwood Keep (3-5)
  • 8/12/14: TBD. This is the night before we leave. I expect attendance to be spotty.

I think this schedule is close to realistic and we do have some wiggle room. I think that Bruce was looking for 3 table credits to hit his 2nd GM start before the convention. I still do not know if we will be asked to playtest any Mars material before Gen Con. If we are asked, I think we can squeeze it in.


I also expect that we may take a break from PFS after Gen Con to build up some more available lower-tier scenarios. Again we can play tier 5-9 and 7-11 but we need to get some more characters into the 5+ range.

We have several options. I now have several adventures for Star Wars and Firefly and I anticipate that Revelations of Mars and Space 1889 will be in hand by then. We also have several All For One modules and a couple of Leagues of Adventure modules. All that running any of these game systems really requires is a commitment to create characters. Some of the stuff I have for Star Wars and Firefly can be played with pregens to get the hang of the systems.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Next Week

It looks like Alan will not be available next week so I will need to postpone the end of The Price of Friendship until the following week.

I can run a tier 5-9 or tier 7-11 scenarion next week which no one has played. I suggest this because we have limited lower tier adventures available. I would further suggest an early season adventure which were scaled to 4 characters. I was thinking a season 0 scenario, Our Lady of Silver #27.

Excluding the characters tied up in The Price of Friendship, you have the following in this level range:

Bruce has the options of Elise, witch (9), Izzy, inquisitor (9), Jennifred, magus (7), Goonter, gunslinger (7) or Jack, samurai (5).

Dave has the options of Fantasticleez, cavilier (8) or Sven, figther (3)/bard (2)/dragon disciple (3)

David has the options of Al goBoom, alchemist (9), Penny, summoner (6) or Tamara, oracle (5).

Which 7th level pregen that rounds out the party will depend on the party choices. I am guessing it will come down to a rogue, a cleric or one of the arcane casters.

Let me know if this plan works for you and which characters you plan to play.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Learned something new

As it seems with every time I play at a venue other than Bruce's house, I learned some thing I did not know about Pathfinder. I am not sure that this has impacted our play but it is good to know.

On page 562 of the Core Rulebook:

Overcoming DR: Damage reduction may be overcome by special materials, magic weapons (any weapon with a +1 or higher enhancement bonus, not counting the enhancement from masterwork quality), certain types of weapons (such as slashing or bludgeoning), and weapons imbued with an alignment.

Ammunition fired from a projectile weapon with an enhancement bonus of +1 or higher is treated as a magic weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Similarly, ammunition fired from a projectile weapon with an alignment gains the alignment of that projectile weapon (in addition to any alignment it may already have).

Weapons with an enhancement bonus of +3 or greater can ignore some types of damage reduction, regardless of their actual material or alignment. The following table shows what type of enhancement bonus is needed to overcome some common types of damage reduction.

DR Type                                              Weapon Enhancement Bonus Equivalent

Cold iron/silver                                                                 +3

Adamantine*                                                                    +4

Alignment-based                                                              +5

* Note that this does not give the ability to ignore hardness, like an actual adamantine weapon does

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

PFS Next Week

It looks like the consensus is that you would like to try some tier 5-9 PFS adventures. I will plan to run the following three-part story beginning next week:

#4-22 Halls of Dwarven Lore
#4-24 The Price of Friendship
#4-25 The Secrets Stones Keep

Alan only has one character in the adventure range. That is is his 7th level Cleric, GiZer. Looks like Dave has 3 character options; Fantasticleez (8), Sven (8) and Li Hua (7). David has 4 character options; Zaldon (7), Al goBoom (9), Tamara (5) and Penny (6).

Assuming that we still only have 3 players, we will round out the party with a 7th level pregen. Since Alan is playing a cleric, I expect you will choose the rogue or an arcane caster.

It looks like your APL will be between sub-tiers. That means you will need to play down (sub-tier 5-6) with no adjustments due to the number of characters. If you manage to hit the APL for the higher sub-tier, you would play that with the 4-character adjustments.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Tomorrow I will be running running #35 Voice in the Void. This is a tier 1-7 scenario from season 1. There are 3 sub-tiers; 1-2, 3-4 and 6-7.

Have you guys decided which sub-tier you want to play?

Assuming that I only have 3 players, the pregen to round out the table will match the sub-tier you choose to play. i.e. 1st for tier 1-2, 4th for tier 3-4 and 7th for tier 6-7.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day Jobs Change

Looks like we have done this wrong with Season 5.

According to the Change Log for the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play:  Removed the following text: “There are no Day Job checks when playing a sanctioned module or Adventure Path.” Day Job checks are now available after playing either of these sanctioned content.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Slight Change in Plans

Looks like Bruce has a new temporary work assignment for the next 6 weeks or so. He has be gracious enough to allow us to continue to use his place to hold our game even if he is not available.

As the gamers, you should see no difference (other than the absence of Bruce). We will still meet at the same time and place. I will be there early to open up.

This does mean a change in plans for our PFS schedule. Dave is going to postpone running Destiny in the Sands part 3 until Bruce is able to play. That means any characters that started the adventure are tied up until we complete it.

This does give us the opportunity to play some scenarios that both Bruce and I have played but the rest of you have not. I will start next week by running #35 Voice in the Void. This is a tier 1-7 scenario from season 1. There are 3 sub-tiers; 1-2, 3-4 and 6-7. I expect that we can play any of the sub-tiers based upon the characters folks have available. It is up to the players. I am only expecting Dave, David and Alan next week so if we do not have another player that means that we will round our the party with a pregen.

For the following weeks, I have a two-parter from season 2. Both are tier 1-7 as well.  I also have a couple of tier 3-7 (sub-tiers 3-4 and 6-7). One is from season 3 and the other is from season 5. In addition I have several tier 5-9 scenarios (sub-tiers 5-6 and 8-9). One is from season 1, there is a three-parter from the end of season 4 and one from season 5.

What we play is up to you guys. We have more adventures than weeks were we do not expect Bruce. I want to make sure you get opportunities to play the scenarios that sound the most interesting to you. I also want to make sure that you do not level any characters out of upcoming, planned adventures. Here is the list of scenarios. You can look up the scenario descriptions on the Paizo site.

Tier 1-5
#3-5 Tide of Twilight
#5-1 The Glass River Rescue.

Tier 1-7
#2-1 Before the Dawn - Part I: The Bloodcove Disguise
#2-2 Before the Dawn - Part II: Rescue at Azlant Ridge

Tier 3-7
#3-8 Among the Gods
#5-2 The Wardstone Patrol

Tier 5-9
#50 Fortune's Blight
#4-16 The Fabric of Reality
#4-22 Halls of Dwarven Lore
#4-24 The Price of Friendship
#4-25 The Secrets Stones Keep
#5-7 Port Godless

(Edit: Added three more scenarios to the list of possible ones for me to run.)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Planning for our Ongoing PFS Play

We are at a point with our regular PFS play group where we are almost ready to open up tier 5-9 and tier 7-11 play on a regular basis. With a little planning, I think we can get there soon. To start, it looks like we need to get Alan and Dave to get at least one more character up to 5th. I would also suggest that Alan create another 1st level character and maybe a second. Dave may want to do the same. David has two 1st level characters which have 1 XP from playing pregens (Six and Brigeta) which need to be defined.

For the future, I know that we have a few things tentatively planned. As discussed in the previous post, out next two weeks are planned.

The items below just need to be scheduled:

Bruce wants to run the module Thorn Keep - Sanctum of a Lost Age which is tier 6-8. Likely will take 2 weeks to play. I assume that everyone wants to play the same characters we have been. (Bront, Li Hua, Gizer, Penny and Dominic)

I can also run the module Masks of the Living God which is tier 2-4. It is the sequel to Crypt of the Everflame. Again likely to take 3 weeks to play but could be shorter. The third part, City of Golden Death is tier 4-6. I assume that folks want to play the same characters as they played on the first partin parts 2 and 3. (Jerry, Fergus, Canto, Al-Ma-Resh and Dolgrin)

I want to run the module Fangwood Keep which is tier 3-5. Likely will take 3 weeks to play. I would like to apply credit to Ibis.

I want to run The Dragon's Demand in campaign mode. This will start with 1st level non-PFS characters but credit can be assigned to PFS character(s). The chronicles are best applied to a single 2nd level PFS character which will end up being 6th at the end or a 3rd level character which will end up being 7th. It will work with a 1st level character or multiple characters but not as well. I need at least 2 XP to get the character I want to receive credit to 2nd level.

Available low tier scenarios:

I have 2 more tier 1-5 scenarios, Shades of Ice - Part II: Exiles of Winter and Shades of Ice - Part III: Keep of the Huskarl King.

Dave has tier 1-5 Library of the Lion to run.

Bruce has tier 1-5 The Prince of Augustana, Delirium's Tangle, Tide of Twilight and The Glass River Rescue. He also has tier 1-7 The Pallid Plague.

Two of the next four scenarios released over the next two months will also be tier 1-5. (The Horn of Aroden and The Merchant's Wake)

You can find a copy of the latest Adventure tracking spreadsheet on my web site at It may help you determine what new character classes might fit well within a tier range.

Next week

Bruce has graciously ageed to run  PFS Scenario 3-07 Echoes of the Overwatched next week. It is a tier 1-5.

Right now we only have 3 confirmed players. (David will be missing due to family obligations and Kelly has a new job and may not be available.) That means if we do not find a 4th player we will need to use a pregen to round out the party. Which one is still to be determined.

I have played this scenario before but I am using one of my GM Star replay credits. I can play either sub-tier. I have a 1st level swashbuckler and a 1st level fighter. I also have a 3rd level summoner, a 4th level ranger and a 5th level magus. Alan has two 3rd level characters (a ranger/rogue and a summoner) so that leaves Dave to pick the sub-tier. He has a 1st level oracle, a 3rd level cleric, a 3rd level sorcerer and a 4th level ranger/fighter.

If Kelly does make it, he has a 1st level summoner, a 3rd level cleric, a 3rd level fighter/bard, a 4th level monk and a 5th level barbarian/sorcerer.

The following week we will resume with Dave running #5-16 Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

PFS the next few weeks

Next week I plan to run a tier 3-7 PFS scenario, #5-09 The Traitor's Lodge.

According to the scenario description, "Content in "The Traitor’s Lodge" also contributes to the ongoing storyline of the Grand Lodge faction."

It looks like the group has characters to play this at either the low or high sub-tier. Decide among yourselves.

The following week Dave is on tap to run another tier 3-7 scenario, #5–16: Destiny of the Sands—Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages.  

According to the scenario description, "Content in “Sanctum of the Sages” also contributes directly to the ongoing storyline of the Osirion faction."

All the characters that ran through parts 1 and 2 should qualify to play part 3.

If Bruce is willing, I figure that we can tackle Thorn Keep - Sanctum of a Lost Age the week after that. That is for characters 6th-8th level. All the characters that have played the previous parts are at least 6th level but several are only 1 XP away from 7th. If you play them next week and go high sub-tier, they will be 7th at the start of this adventure.

I have updated the Fun Fund tracking with the most recent contributions and expenses. Yesterday I purchase 2 more PFS scenarios and a large package of napkins.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our Fund is Empty

Since the end of November, our Tuesday Fun Fund has been sitting at $0.05. Since then, I have purchased six new and 4 older PFS scenarions. That has been $32.50 out of my pocket. I have counted this as a contribution toward the fund but I think that it is time again for others to contribute.

Details of who has contributed, how much and what we have purchased can be found at It does not need to be a big contribution. We have spent around $12.50 a month on average over the last year and a half.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Next Week and Beyond

We will wrap up Destiny of the Sands, Part 2: Race to Seeker's Folly at the beginning of next week.

Part 3 which comes out at the end of the month is for tier 3-7. If everyone wants to play the same characters, we will need to do a few more low tier adventures to get Bruce and Kelly to 3rd. Bruce needs 1 XP and Kelly needs 3 XP. Alan is already 3rd, David is now 5th and I will be 4th.

We have a couple of ways to get there. We currently have 3 tier 1-5 scenarios available; Shades of Ice - Part II: Exiles of Winter, Shades of Ice - Part III: Keep of the Huskarl King and Library of the Lion. I could run the first two and Dave is slated to run the last one.

The other option is that I run Crypt of the Everflame on Tuesday rather than on my blog. Bruce is the only one to have played it and never for PFS credit. It is worth 3 XP and is meant for 1st or 2nd level PFS characters. I expect that we can get through it in the next 3 or 4 weeks.

I can go either way with this.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

More Skull & Shackles PACG Play Test

We will be playing more of the Skull & Shackles PACG play test next week. In fact we will have a second session on Wednesday so that we can finish our commitment. It will be great if you can make it.

I have looked ahead to the next two scenarios. I will try to have the first one completely prepare to go and have it set up before folks arrive. I will do whatever I can as pre-setup for the second one.

The first scenario has no ship but the second one does.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2