Thursday, August 30, 2012

Plan for PFS Next Week

Either Dave or I will be running a PFS scenario next week. Who runs will depend upon who shows up. Make sure that you bring your characters, books, dice etc.

If we want to play other games, people need to make characters. All For One is next on my list. If you cannot make a character or have no interest, there are 11 sample characters in the rulebook and 5 more in an expanded character supplement. I will print copies and have them available for review. If you have a concept, there may be a character already made in another supplement. Let me know what you are thinking.

I have an adventure prepared which should take 3 to 4 weeks to play. I have four more after that but I will need to read them. We can play the first one and see how folks like it. If you want to change characters or make your own you can at that point.

Monday, August 27, 2012

HEX Kickstarter: Perils of the Surface World

There is currently a Kickstarter going to raise funds to print a new HEX book. This is a book of adventures set on the surface world. It contains two of the adventure which we play tested and your names will be in the credits. It is funded and working towd the fisrt stretch goal.

You can view the kickstarter at

Friday, August 24, 2012

Our War Chest is Empty Again

We have exhausted our Tuesday game funds again. We used it to fund ink for the printer and several PFS scenarios.

It looks like we may want to invest in another printer in the near future as the one we have is starting to go flakey (misfeeding sheets and ink smudges). Dave and I discussed and we think we should try to live with it until we run out of the current ink supply. We should be able to get a reasonable replacement for under $40.

That said, we should start another collection to refund our war chest. It is not an emergency but it will be looming. Just please keep it in mind.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Next week and beyond

Since it is post-Gen Con and we are expecting to be back to normal next week, what do we want to play?

As far as I know, everyone (our current 7 "regular" players) all plan to attend.

Our options include:

 - I can run the conclusion of the HEX adventures that I ran at Gen Con and you can see how the story ends. (I really appreciate your helping me playtest and the feedback has been very helpful.)

 - I can run one of the HEX official published adventures. You could play pregens or make your own characters but these appear to be one-shot adventures which will take a couple sessions each to play. I am not quite ready to pick up our campaign again but that is very likely in the future as I will be working on more HEX material which will be perfect for them.

 - I can run All For One. I have a module ready to run but everyone needs to make a character and a Lackey. (I expect that this will take more than a week's lead time to get everyone prepared.) This should take about 3 weeks to play.

 - Similarly, I can run Leagues of Adventure. I have two short adventures for this Victorian Era steampunk style HEX-like game. I believe that these would cover a few weeks of gaming but everyone needs to make a character and a Henchman. (I expect that this will take more than a week's lead time to get everyone prepared.)

 - I can run PFS. We would need to decide what level scenario that we want to and/or can play so that I can have one prepared.

-          I have a total of 6 tier 1-5 scenarios from seasons 2, 3 and 4 which can be run with whatever group attends.
-          I have a total of 2 tier 3-7 scenarios from season 3. One was originally a exclusive for tier 1-7 that was reworked and rereleased as a season 3 scenario and the other has to do with the pocket dimension.
-          I have a total of 11 tier 5-9 scenarios. They span across seasons 0 to 4. These include a pretty different one from the end of season 2 as well as a three parter also from season 2. 
-          Because a few playes still do not have a character of 7th level or higher, we cannot yet play any 7-11 tier scenarios.

-         I also have some Pathfinder modules which I can run. This includes Master of the Fallen Fortress which is meant for brand new PFS characters. It would take a night to play. Crypt of the Everflame is for 1st-2nd level characters (only Bruce has played it and not for PFS credit), Feast of Ravenmoor is for 2nd-4th level characters and the Midnight Mirror is for 3rd-5th level characters. Each module would take approximately 3 weeks to play.

If anyone else is dying to run, we can play what they have in mind.

GM Fun Fact: I have gotten to play in 11 PFS scenarios/modules between Gen Con 2011 and Gen Con 2012 as compared to 2 PFS scenarios between Gen Con 2010 and Gen Con 2011 and 0 PFS scenarios between Gen Con 2009 and Gen Con 2010.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2