Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Although I'm loathe to do it...

You can level-up to 5th so the cake walk can continue.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Night of the Pale Boon

There is a new PFS holiday boon. This month's boon is Night of the Pale. You can check it out here -

In order to earn the boon, you need to play PFS between now and 1/8/12. Based upon our schedule, I expect that means we should schedule a PFS session on 1/3/12 if folks want to earn it. Again we can discuss tomorrow.

Status of our PFS situation

In order for us as a group to move forward to higher level play scenarios, Tiers 5-9, we need to get a few more games in for four characters. I currently have 10 scenarios for 5-9 which we cannot play because not everyone has a character of appropriate level to play. Our next plateau is 7th level characters. No one in the group currently has one (though both Bruce and I are only 1 XP away).

Every one now has at least 2 characters which should allow us some flexibility when it comes to play options.

Kara's Simone needs 1 XP to become 5th level.

Corey's Phi-Torr needs 3 XP to become 5th level.

David's Al goBoom needs 1 XP to become 5th level.

Kelly's Frabbl needs 2 XP to become 5th level.

I have a few scenarios in hand which we can use. ( will be picking up some more after the 1st of the year.)
Tier 1-5
Silent Tide (only Bruce has played but he could run it)
Shades of Ice - Part I: Written in Blood
Shades of Ice - Part II: Exiles of Winter
Shades of Ice - Part III: Keep of the Huskarl King
Tide of Twilight

Tier 3-7
Sewer Dragons of Absalom

Tier 1-7
Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch
Among the Dead (only Randy has played)
The Dalsine Affair
Shadow's Last Stand—Part I: At Shadow's Door
If we choose to go the module route, I can also run Feast of Ravenmoor which is legal for 2nd to 4th level characters. It has a max of 3 XP and would get all of the characters to the 5th level plateau (assuming no death and attendance at all sessions).
The other thing we need to consider is our group size. If we have 8 players we have to run two tables. Do we only want to play PFS if we have 7 players or less? Do we want to run two tables? (If we go that route we should expect to invite an additional player and will have another GM.) I could try the split table solution again but that is very taxing on me as a GM and I am not sure how fun that is for the players.
My last concern is character death.
A Raise Dead costs 5,450 GP or 16 PP. Restoration costs 1,380 GP of 4 PP per each permanent negative level removed. Two negative levels must be removed to get a character back to normal. Other players are allowed to chip in for monetary costs but cannot for PP expenditures. Also a single spell must be paid for in the same currency. You cannot split the cost between gold and PP. You can not pay gold for part of the spell and PP for the other portion. You can pay gold for one spell and PP for another.
If a character were to die, how likely as a party are you to donate gold to raise that character (or un-gimp them)? Assuming that the character spent all of their gold from a sub-tier 6-7 adventure and that there were 7 players, each remaining player might be asked to contribute approximately 800 GP. It would be more at lower sub-tiers and with fewer players.

Tomorrow night

Who plans to be there tomorrow night? I am making cookie plates tonight and I want to ensure I have enough for everyone.

We can discuss further tomorrow but it looks like we will be cancelling the game on 12/27. I already know that Dave and I will not be attending.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Does anyone wish to order any Paizo product

It is that time of year again ... The annual Paizo holiday 10% discount. (My card is in the mail.)

For one order that I place in January I will get an additional 10% off of Paizo products. I already get 15% off with my subscription discount. (The total discount works out to be a 23.5% off of the retail price.) This is a good opportunity to pick up miniatures, source books, cards, flip maps, accessories, etc.

If anyone wants to order anything, please let me know before the end of the year. If you are expecting to order something of significant dollar amount, please bring your money (cash or check) on Tuesday, 12/20/11.

I plan to order more PFS scenarios. Dave and David have both chipped $20 into the gaming fund. I spent $9 on plastic forks. I plan to spend the rest on scenarios. (If other folks chip in we can get more. We are also still kicking around the idea of installing Hero Lab on a computer in the basement so that folks can keep their characters and print when needed.)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Core Rules Errata

A fifth printing of the Pathfinder Core Rules has recently come out. Along with the release, new errata was published.

It appears that we have been doing many things correctly.

Tumbling trough enemy square

Page 88—In the Acrobatics skill check description, in the second paragraph (which describes using
the skill to avoid attacks of opportunity), add the following sentence to the end of the paragraph:

If you attempt to move through an enemy’s space and fail the check, you lose the move action and provoke an attack of opportunity.

Use magic device

Page 109—In the Use Magic Device check description, in the Use a Wand, Staff, or Other Spell
Trigger Item paragraph, add the following sentence to the end of the paragraph:

Failing the roll does not expend a charge.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2