Monday, July 29, 2013

Revelations of Mars Kickstarter Ends 3:00 PM on 7/31/13

There are only a couple of days left to contribute to the Kickstarter for Revelations of Mars. The campaign ends at 3:00 PM on 7/31/13.

Check it out at

The project is funded. The book and many cool accessories/add ons will be created. There is some good value in the pledge levels.

Currently the stretch goals are going toward additional adventures. The more that get funded, the more likely we will get a chance to playtest them. There will be an adventure in the book itself. There will be one included with the GM screen (and free to many backers). There will be one for funding both RoM and Space 1889. The first stretch goal adventure is funded and the second seems likely. That is five adventures! If there is a funding surge over the next few days, we could be looking at more.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Big Sven

Every mornin at the Lodge, you could see him arrive
He stood six foot six and weighed two fortyfive
Kinda broad at the shoulder and narra at the hip
And everybody knew you didnt give no lip
to Big Sven

Biiiiiig Svennnnnn
Big bad Sven

Nobody seemed to know where Sven called home
just drifted into Absolom and stayed all alone
He told lots of stories - not quiet or shy
and dont you pass him by and not say "hi" to Big Sven

Well the ladies say he's an Ulfen dream
and he fights his fights like a steam machine
a crashin blow from a huge right hand
sent many Aspis agents to the promised land
Big Sven

Biiiiiig Svennnnnn
Big bad Sven

He slogged his way through dungeon grime
where monsters roared and Pathfinders cried
Clerics were praying and rogues moved fast
and everyone thought they'd breathed their last
cept Sven
Through the dust and smoke and a pit to Hell
walked a giant of a man Pathfinders knew well
When all the other agents had dropped with a groan
like a giant oak tree, he stood there alone
Big Sven

Biiiig Svennnnnn
Big bad Sven

When all the monsters were a mess-made-of
The wizard cried out "there's a light up above"
and the Pathfinders scrambled from a would-be grave
They had made it through another close shave
thanks to Sven
with carts a-laden they headed to town
leaving behind a rumble way down in the ground
smoke and gas belched out of that Gate
but they made it to the Venture Captain - not too late
for Big Sven

Biiiiiig Svennnnn
Big bad Sven

Now they might re-open that horrible pit
trusting Sven to take care of it
There are few things that can stay his hand
Known throughout Absolom as a big, big man
Big Sven

Biiiig Svennnnn
Big bad Sven
Biiiiig Svennnn
Big bad Sven.....

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Space 1889 Kickstarter

Here is another Kickstarter that folks might be interested in:

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

More information about the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game was provided on the Paizo blog today.

There is a game demo video and a link to the rule book which contains the play tester credits.

Here is a snapshot with the names:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sven's Prestige Award

Sven has a Shadow Lodge Prestige award (No One Left Behind).  What happens to it now that he changed to Lodge ElGrande?  3 PP - poof gone?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What is Menace?

The Menace From Beyond RPG is a cold-war survival horror game of monsters, aliens, and commies. It runs on the Ubiquity Roleplaying System that powers Hollow Earth Expedition and many other great games.

Check out the official announcement here:

Menace will be brought to us by Siege Tower Games ( A bunch of free playtest material is available on the site. There will be a Kickstarter which is tentatively scheduled for an early 2014 campaign launch.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hollow Earth Expedition Campaign

It has been brought to my attention that we have not played our Hollow Earth Expedition game in almost 4 years. We have playtested materials for Exile Games and my adventures for Gen Con but we have not played our own home game in way too long. This shocked me. This campaign may have been the most memorable and fun one we had since the old Champions games. Almost everyone was engaged and into their characters outside of the sessions.

We have run through most of the good adventures that folks have put out there and I have tried my hand at a few. I feel that I have gotten to know the system much better than before and I am now very comfortable creating adventures and the associated crunch that goes with it (rituals, artifacts, npcs, etc.).

I would like to get back to running on some frequency. It may be only a few sessions at a time but it will be a start.

I am thinking of using my original material. The question is do you want to try to continue with your old characters or do you want to start fresh? Depending on what we decide will determine the direction we need to take. We could pick up where we left off, start some time down the road or start over completely. Kelly, Alan and Bob do not have current characters. If we stay with the old game, this could open up Hollow Earth natives as play options. If anyone wants to retire an old character and start a new one, the same option would apply.

We will still playtest for Exile when they ask. I expect that we will get a shot at some of the Mars content. We have some other Ubiqity playtesting for Menace that I would like to try as well.

This will also give us another option other than PFS especially if we get 8 or 9 players (Steve and Corey are still out there.)


Monday, July 8, 2013

Ordering Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Does anyone want me to order them a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire rule book? I found them for $38.97 rather than the list price of $59.99. I also found dice for $9.72 rather than $14.99.

If I can get the order over $100, the shipping will be free.

I you are interested, let me know and bring money tomorrow night.

Tomorrow's Game

Does anyone other than Alan plan to miss the game tomorrow? Trying to determine if we will complete what we started last week or if we need to play something else.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Firefly Role-Playing Game Coming

Looks like Margret Weiss will be releasing a new version of the Firefly RPG. Randy ran the old one, Serenity. We also played at Gen Con one year. I picked up the main books in print and and have them all (supplements and adventures) in PDF.

The games sound very similar. Here is a brief description from their blog page:

"the Serenity RPG was based only on the movie and the game rules were Cortex Classic. The Firefly RPG is based on the TV show and the game rules are Cortex Plus. Our development was heavily focused on the television show and streamlining the game rules so that it'd be super easy for any Browncoat to play."

What is the interest level from the group in playing this? Looks like they plan to release the Core Book in February 2014 and start releasing 10 digital oneshot adventures beginning in September 2013.

Check out some information about it here:

I am going to pre-order a copy of the preview book and pick it up at Gen Con. That will give me a free PDF after the convention and a 20% discount off the rulebook. (Buying directly from them also gets a copy of the PDF of that book.)

Iconics 2

Iconics 2