Sunday, June 10, 2018

Tues 6/12

What are we doin?  Keith's HEX?

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Phat Loot

After arriving back in Mystwatch the party was given the choice between emptying the coffers of the city at the Mayors reluctance, however the quick witted Gnome offers instead for you to take the Magical Chest off a recently accosted pirate vessel.

The party takes the latter option and after finding the vessel docked and being torn down to its frame, a weary guardsmen approaches you and after waving your seal from the mayor he leads you to the Chest, being stored in a warehouse and away from prying eyes. Upon opening the chest and spending the remainder of the day dissecting it's contents, you believe your choice was well worth it.

Stored inside the Chest, belonging to a pirate named: Ulric Splinterspine, you find:

  • A Staff of Minor Arcana
  • A Ring of Vampire Rat Fangs
    • An addition to the normal effect, attacks made with the wearers bite attack provide temporary hit-points equal to the damage inflicted.
    • Modified cost of 7,500gp
  • A Rod of Splendor
  • A +2 Endless Ammunition Ironwoood Composite Longbow (+3 STR bonus), inscribed on the bow is Ulric's name, and a symbol of one of the Tiefling kingdoms.
  • An Amulet of Dragonfoe
  • A Helm of Underwater Action
  • A Mask of Madness: 
    • The Mask of Madness gives the bearer the Rage ability as per the barbarian class for "2+ Wearers Con bonus" rounds per day. If the bearer already has the Rage ability, the bonuses for Rage are increase by +2 to Strength and +2 Constitution.
    • Each round enraged, the wearer must succeed a DC 18 Will save or suffer the effects of Confusion for that round.
    • Cost of 12,000gp
The contents of the chest are in pristine condition, and were obviously used to great effect by the Captain before his vessel was attacked. There is a false back to the chest, and inside the compartment is a diary detailing the Captain's last voyage, and the guards observing you make sure that the diary is brought to the Generals attention. Unexpectedly, you find that Ulric was not a common pirate, but also a smuggler. The diary describes how a group of rebellious zealots had recently given him a shipment of weapons to deliver to a secluded camp in the Awasagar Jungle just south of Larios. Apparently the zealots are followers of another new deity, a God of War. Ulric's notes suggest that they are preparing an attack on Kehtora, being supplied and perhaps reinforced by the southern continents nearest kingdom of Tredaly.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

HEX Playtest for Gen Con

I have some HEX games that I would like to run before Gen Con. I am running a mix of new and previously run games this year.

For the new stuff, I have two 2-hour games based on a Shadows of Brimstone theme. I also have a 2-hour Mars adventure and new 4-hour supers game using the Manhunters.

I still have some work to do before I am ready to run. Most of the work is in creating the Brimstone character sheets and working out the details of some of the supers villain powers. I am still a few weeks away from being ready. That means I will need at least 3 nights between June 19th and July 24th.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Notes for next Tuesday!

I have added this link to my tab as well, but this is the letter that Momo (Randy) received last week during the week or respite you were taking at the Grey Hill manor.

Momo and Chavez approach the part together regarding the message and it's contents. The letter is dated for a week and a half ago, as the party has begun their journey out of Grey Hill.

The Letter

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Starfinder FAQ

Apparently, some of the Crew Action DCs in the book are incorrect. There is an updated list in the FAQ.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

starfucker this tuesday

i have been contacted by someone from the starfinder Facebook group looking for a group. 

i know we don't play starfucker very often, but are playing it this coming Tuesday. 

i was thinking of inviting him, and thought i'd ask you guys before i do. 

what do you think?


i'm not planning on having him join permanently, we don't have room. 

but since we will be down a gamer or two i thought it'd be nice.

and just for starfinder.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Notes from Last Night

We finished up our mission and returned to town. Sold some stuff we found and the magic warhammer. Not sure if we sold all the stuff of Dave's list.

XP: 1800
GP: 2031

Dan will not be there next week. Randy expects to be late. Anyone else not planning to be there? I will come up with something for us to play.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2