Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Who plans on attending tonight? We need to know so that we can plan what to play.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Invisibility and sneak attacks

My rogue is slightly less broken.  Apparently you only get sneak dice on the first attack when you break invisibility.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Dragon's Demand lewt

5283 even.  Of course, "each."

What Are We Planning Starting Next Week?

I have wrapped up all of my outstanding adventures and it would be nice if someone else could run for a bit.

There has been talk that Dave is ready to run the next book of Reign of Winter and Bruce is ready to run the next book of Strange Aeons. I am guessing that each will take 3 to 6 sessions to complete. There is also some talk of Bruce running Starfinder.

What do folks want to do?

We have two more weeks before Christmas. I am planning to bring cookies on the 19th. I am not sure if you are planning a game on the 26th but  I will not be able to play that day.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fun Fund Fund Raising

Our Fun Fund is almost empty again. I just added $50 to the fund and used it to picked up 12 tier 7-11 PFS scenarios on the Black Friday sale, the next 2 season 9 PFS scenarios and the next Starfinder scenario. Donations to the fund would be appreciated.

Next Week - Wrapping up PFS Stuff

The plan for next week is to complete The Dragon's Demand. We are in the middle of the last encounter. Assuming that you live through the fight there may be some additional wrap-up. Everyone should have a character for this and they should be 6th level.

If time permits, we will also finish #8-22 Wrath of the Fleshwarped Queen. There is only one encounter left in this one as well. It is a tier 1-5 and you were playing the 4-5 sub-tier. I believe that there were only 4 player present when we started this (Bruce (alchemist), David (pregen cleric), Alan (barbarian) and Dave (arcanist)). As such, there are not enough encounters remaining for additional folks to join the scenario and receive credit. Folks not playing can take off early or just hang out until we are done.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Reminder - Playing high tier PFS tomorrow

I will be running #6-20 Returned to the Sky tomorrow. It is tier 7-11 adventure.

Alan will be absent. Not sure about anyone else.

List of eligible characters:

Bruce has: Jack (9), Jerry (9), Jennifred Hollybright (9), Izzy (11), Goonter Von Reckoning (7) and Clarise (8)

Dave has: Fantasticleez (8), Helmut von Ironclang (7), Sven Skaarsgaard (10), Li Hua (10), Ebo (8) and Takka Takka (7)

David has: Zaldon (10), Al goBoom (9), Tamara (7), Penny (8), Placekeeper (7) and Al-Ma-Resh (7)

Kelly has: Bellis (8) and Dominic (10)

Steve has: Max Plano (11), Karorgrarbag (8) and Reaper (7)

Randy has: Ser Roland Rittern (10), Anarchy Gordon (8) and his 14370-8 character which I do not have a firm name or class listed (maybe an arcanist).

Any 7th level pregen is also valid.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2