Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Notes from Last Night's Game

We divided the treasure from the previous week.We sold the the remaining gear and each character got 100 GP. (We later spend 5 GP each to buy travel supplies.)

Dave kept the Muleback Cords.
Bruce kept the +1 Ring of Protection.
Randy, David and Keith each kept a composite longbow with a +1 STR modifier.

At the end of the session we received 1400 XP. That means we are now 2nd level.

Monday, March 12, 2018

bruce's new improved gaming area

this first bit is from an email Matt sent me...

I just wanted to put down some thoughts "on paper" based on our conversation last night.  I think if you want to overhaul your setup down there, many (most?) of your regular gamers would be willing to step up and help with time/sweat/money to make it happen. 

Things we talked about:

New table ideas:
  • Fortify current table and/or level the playing surface too
  • build a 4x8 flush-top
  • build a 4x8 sunk-top
  • build a 4x4 side table; could be used to expand main table into 4x12, could be used on the side, or for smaller game nights could be used in the center
  • Power wired into the table - undersides, on the legs, etc
  • Data cabling port on the table - primarily to support bandwidth for camera use
  • A/V cabling ports on table - connect a laptop to camera inputs, audio outputs (re-use your upstairs sound system?)
  • Cupholders to keep liquids off - trays to keep food plates off too?
General area ideas:
  • Remove shelves/models to widen the area
  • permanent camera mounts in ceiling locations - purchase/install software capable of using multiple cameras, remote end controls, for better remote experience
  • Get rid of old worn-out furniture
    • Take up a collection, buy new furniture at Thrift Store?
    • Require all regular guests to purchase their own chair, stored behind the curtain when they are not in attendance
    • Chairs vs. Couches? Rolling chairs = Probably easiest to rearrange with
    • How to handle infrequent guests - loaner chair(s)?
  • Mount TV/Monitor on the wall
  • Setup "dinner station" where food can be served from instead of putting it on tabletop
  • Change Wi-Fi password to minimize use of internet and distractions it causes during play sessions. Consider implementing "no Effing around" rules for sessions, except during dinner breaks?
We also discussed possibly setting up a date where everyone shows up to help with the heavy lifting parts of the project - carrying out dead furniture, moving shelves, cleaning floors, assembling table(s), etc. Suggest planning this at least 4-6 weeks in advance to maximize attendance. Maybe a spring BBQ?

Tim - this is all from memory jotted down throughout the day today... feel free to chime in with other stuff I might have forgotten?

Bruce - Hope this is useful? If you want a little (or a lot) of help on this, one of my primary skill sets is project management - I would be happy to lend those skills here to improve the gaming experience for everyone.

that first bit was from an email Matt sent me... Now i am looking for input from my other gaming friends, the Tuesday Group in particular, but also the long lost Sunday group. any thoughts, comments ?

i thought of using the present table as a dinner table, to keep food off the new table I'll be setting up.

anyone got any thoughts?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Change is Coming to Pathfinder

Yesterday, Paizo announced Pathfinder 2nd edition. The play test starts at Gen Con 2018 where a play test rulebook and adventure will be available. You can check out the details here:

Besides getting to know the new rules, the biggest impact will be on PFS. After season 10 (2018-2019 season), a new campaign will begin. That means new characters under the new rules. For now, we will still be able to play in the old campaign with the old scenarios and characters but you will not be able to cross campaigns. Check out the FAQ in the link above for more details.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Paizo's new site

Has anyone been to Paizo's new overhauled, kid friendly, sluggish, WotC clone website?

Do you have any thoughts?

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Reign of Winter Post Adventure Level-up

How much time do we have to shop/craft items before moving on to the next adventure?

Trying to determine where to spend my money. If possible, I may want to scribe some scrolls and/or get my armor enchanted.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Modest Proposal for Gaming

Greeting Tuesday Gamers!

I know  most of you, although some I have never actually gamed with in a role-playing capacity. I have been over several months, writing and constructing a home-brew Pathfinder Campaign. I am unsure exactly the best way to translate some of this information to you all in a brief passage, but please let me go over a short list of things that have been altered...

  • Deities and Planar Realms - No Golarion relics carried over. 
  • Material Plane - No Golarion landmass here.
  • Stereotypical Races - No more type casting and racially/book assigned alignments for every Gnoll, Goblin, and Giant in the playground.
  • On the rail Campaign progression - I have spent months building a breathing world that will continue to evolve and grow around you as the party influences the world, and events beyond your control happen. 

I understand that this might not necessarily intrigue everyone equally, and there are a few challenges presented with Hero-Labs for things like Gods and Domain spells, etc; but we are experts, we can work around that easily. I have begun tooling around in my own hero-lab files to attempt to create a home-brew file that everyone can simple check the box for to create a character with the appropriate additional options for deities, but I am not sure how cooperative Hero-Labs will be, as so far, my progress on that front has been fairly slow. Regardless of that we will be able to get around that in one way or another and be able to focus on what matters, the game.

For those of you who love pouring over land-maps, and the enormous images of Golarion and the world of pathfinder, I have you covered there. I have created a sizable and fairly detailed map of the world. What kind of home-brewer would I be if I didn't even give you a pretty map? That being said I am currently at my work, and I'd hate to spoil the surprises the macro-map has, so I will wait on showing it off right away.

I have asked the Zombie to create a tab if possible for me to belch the dozens of paragraphs I have written for this world, the history of some of its more notable deities.

Part of something I find compelling for home-brew is that so often the creative tools of players are confined to the characters they build. I do things a little differently, I insist that those with the itch, give me as rich and detailed a background for their characters, their hometowns, rivals, family, enemies, friends, and anything in between. The flavor of the world is truly a team-effort beyond the dense framework of history I have built to this point. Some three hundred years of recorded historical events, and almost a thousand years of legend and myth have been constructed for you to learn about, and continue to weave into the world we have the opportunity to forge together. I look forward to hearing back from those interested, and I will update things as they become possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read through,

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


What are we doing tonight? More Reign of Winter?

Iconics 2

Iconics 2