Thursday, March 25, 2010

Starting Pathfinder Society Game next Tuesday

Dave is ready for a break. I will start running some Pathfinder Society scenarios.

I am registered and should have everything that I need to run the game and report results.

Everyone should register themselves and their character at the Paizo site. Just in case, I will have some pregenerated numbers at the game next week. If eveyone has a character and is ready to start on time we should be able to complete a scenario each night.

If we like it, I have a bunch of material and there is plenty more available.

It should not matter but I am curious on what everyone is planning to play. I think that I have heard Cleric (Bruce), Fighter (Corey), Bard (Kara), Sorcerer?(Dave). I have not heard anything from Randy or Steve.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Back to Bruce's Next Week

It looks like we will be moving the game back to Bruce's starting next week. The vote really came down to space. Daren's new place is very nice but the space for gaming is not very big. The setup at Bruce's works out much better for a group of our size (in number and bulk).

Thank you to Daren for having us at his place while Bruce was out of town. It is very much appreciated. It was also very nice to see you again and game with you.

I know that it is difficult for Daren to game elsewhere. I do not want to exclude him. He is always welcome to play. I am not opposed to having a game at Daren's place on occassion be it on Tuesday or some other night or weekend. Maybe with a smaller sized group (like 4 players). It will just require some planning.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm home now.

..and glad for it..

Friday, March 12, 2010

Game Location Change: Please vote using poll

I have not heard from Bruce yet so I am not sure if he will be back in town this week. Let's plan to game at Daren's again this week.

With that said, Daren has proposed that we move the Tuesday game back to his place on a permanent basis. As a group, we need to decide if this meets our needs.

Please vote using the poll on the left.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pathfinder Society

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I think that I will try my hand at running some official Pathfinder Society adventures. Essentially this is organized play and will allow you to play in sessions at conventions and to have some impact on the shaping of the official game world.

To be able to play, everyone will need to make at least one 1st level character and you will need to register it/them. I will have to register as a GM and provide reports on the scenarios.

Check out the link to learn more.

Adventures should last a single session (or so). We have flexibility running the sessions at home vs. a store or con. I currently own 17 adventures and there are several more available (30 or 40 more) and two new ones come out each month. I figure that we can get into playing one or two scenarios a month and mix in other games as we like.

There are some special rules related to character creation, experience/advancement and loot but basically it plays about the same as a normal game. Your character will advance after every three scenarios. If you miss a scenario, you will not get credit for it. Characters can be of different levels. The difficulty of the scenario will depend on the average party level. Scenarios can accommodate 4 to 6 players. You can download the rules for play that explain it all for free at

Some character creation notes:

· You must choose a faction. There are five listed in the manual.
· All classes and prestige classes from the Pathfinder rule book, Seekers of Secrets sourcebook (about the Pathfinder Society in game-I have a hard copy and electronic copy) and the 6 play test classes from the Advanced Players Guide are legal for play.
· Clerics must pick a god from Golarion.
· Abilities are point buy from the Pathfinder book. You get 20 points to spend. No score can be reduced below 7 or raised above 18 using this method. Racial modifiers are applied after the points are spent, so it is possible to begin play with a low ability score of 5 and a high ability score of 20.
· You pick 2 traits. One may be from your faction list and the other or both from the trait web enhancement found at Hedge Magician, Magical Knack, Natural-Born Leader, and Rich Parents are not allowed.
· You must be of a non-evil alignment.
· Hit points are pre-determined. You will receive max for your class plus CON bonus plus any feat or trait bonus at first level. A set amount will be gained each level after 1st as determined by class.
· Characters receive 150 gold to purchase starting equipment. You may not start play with any magic items.

Friday, March 5, 2010

One more week at Daren's

We will be gaming at Daren's again this coming Tuesday. Bruce will be heading back out of town after this weekend. We will again be blessed with the presence of Virtual Bruce.

Dave's Pathfinder game is on tap. Vrock and Drow fight off the bat. Think of ways to combat high AC, Spell Resistant and Damage Resistant monsters. If Dave's train of thought was accurate, we should be expecting to level soon to 6th for those of you maintaining their own character sheets.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2