Friday, September 26, 2014

The pallid plague

When I do run this one, which tier do you think I'll be running at--1-2, 3-4, or 6-7 ?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gen Con PFS reporting complete

As of 9/8/14, all Gen Con PFS reporting should be complete.

If you still have missing sessions, send a PM from the Paizo site to Tonya Woldridge. She should be able to help you out.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Today's Paizo Blog

The Paizo blog today provides some answers for many outstanding Season 6 PFS question. You can find it here:

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Dragon's Demand

It has been almost a year since we were seriously talking about playing The Dragon's Demand.

If we ever want to play this, everyone needs to create a new 1st level character. (The particulars and listed below.)

Here again for your reading pleasure are my thoughts on the module.

The Dragon’s Demand
I plan to run a new Pathfinder module, the Dragon’s Demand. This will be a several month adventure which will take your characters from 1stto as high as 7th level. I am willing to start running this as soon as 10/15/13 but folks will need to have their characters made. We can play this continuously from beginning to end or we can play it in parts with other stuff in between. We will see how things go. There are three chapters in the module. Chapter one will take you from 1st to 3rd. Chapter two will take you from 3rd to well into 4th. Chapter 3 can take you from 4th to 7th.
Character Creation:Charters should be 1st level. For ability scores use a 25 point buy. Hit points will be max at first level. Each level after will be average for you hit die plus your constitution bonus. You will have 150 GP to buy your starting gear.
The Hook: A man named Silas Gribb offers you a job as caravan guards. You will start the game in north central Taldor within the Verduran Forest traveling south from the city of Wispil, a gnome town which provides most of the kingdom’s woodcraft and timber.
PFS Credit: We will be playing this adventure in Campaign Mode. This means that you will play a non-PFS character but you can assign PFS credit for playing to a PFS character or characters of your choice. (You could make your character to be an alternate version of your PFS character if you like.)
At the completion of the adventure, there are three chronicles that can be earned and applied to PFS characters. The first is for characters leveled 1-3. The second is for characters leveled 3-5. The third is for characters leveled 5-7. These can be applied to the same character or multiple characters. If applied to the same character you will earn a bonus chronicle which can be applied to a 2nd, 4th or 6thlevel character. Each chronicle is worth 3 XP, 4 PP and has gold, boons and items available upon them.
In my estimation, the optimum way to apply these chronicles is to a 2nd level character. You would apply the 1stchronicle (taking you to 3rd), then the 2nd chronicle (taking you to 4th), then the bonus chronicle (taking you to 5th) and lastly applying the 3rd chronicle (taking you to 6th).

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Next Couple of Weeks

Next week Dave will finish running #5-11 Library of the Lion and I will start running #2-19 Shades of Ice - Part III: Keep of the Huskarl King. We will need to finish it up on 9/23/14.

What do you folks want to do after that?

We are expecting Bruce to return in person on 9/30/14.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

iPad map app

We should give this a try:

I installed it and it looks pretty cool.  Havent imported any maps yet, but character portraits work well.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Ubiquity Super Heroes Testing

I would like to do some additional playtesting for my Ubiquity Super Heroes game. For this round I would like to create a new set of player characters based upon your character concepts. This will help me determine where I may be missing material and maybe try out some new powers that have not been tested by players as of yet.

What I need from each of you is a low powered character concept (similar in power level to the Manhunters). Based on your concept, I will attempt to create a balanced character to play some sessions. If things go well, this could be the start of a new campaign.

I am still working on all of the crunchy bits and it will likely be several more weeks before I am ready to hand documents over to the group and let you have a try at making your own characters without my assistance.That will be the next phase of testing.

I would also like to test some higher powered characters to see if things breakdown. I have made some as NPCs but the real test is when they hit the players' hands. That will be the fourth phase of testing.

I am serious about trying to get this published and appreciate your honest feedback as we proceed.

Just when I think I'm out...

..they keep dragging me back in.

I just got an email that Ford extended my stay here on afternoons till sept 26.

So two more weeks than I reported last email.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Next Week

We need to discuss what we plan to do next week. David will be out of town next week and will be missing the Tuesday game. We are currently in the middle of a PFS adventure. Should we hold completing it until the following week?

Either way we will need another adventure to run. What tier do you want to play. We have five tier 1-5, one tier 3-7, several 5-9 and even more 7-11 potentially available.

Bruce is scheduled to be away again next week but should be back with us after that. I would rather wait for him and David to be back before playing anything other than PFS.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Emerald Spire is now sanctioned for PFS

The Emerald Spire is now sanctioned for PFS.

Each level grants 3XP and 4PP for normal advancement. There is also a Land Rush bonus chronicle which grants additional benefits to a character who received two or more Emerald Spire chronicles.

There are 16 levels so if you plan to take a single character through it from beginning to end, you will need to do slow advancement for some levels. (The ones marked with asterisks are the levels that Paizo recommends doing on slow.)
Level 1: The Tower Ruins (1–2 )
Level 2: The Cellars (1–3 )
Level 3: Splinterden (2–4 )
Level 4: Godhome (3–5)*
Level 5: The Drowned Level (3–5)*
Level 6: The Clockwork Maze (4–6)
Level 7: Shrine of the Awakener (5–7)
Level 8: The Circle of Vissk-Thar (6–8)
Level 9: The Spire Axis (7–9)
Level 10: The Magma Vault (8–10)*
Level 11: The Tomb of Yarrix (8–10)*
Level 12: The Automaton Forge (9–11)*
Level 13: The Pleasure Gardens (9–11)*
Level 14: The Throne of Azlant (10–12)*
Level 15: Order and Chaos (10–12)*
Level 16: The Emerald Root (11–13)
We will need to plan out who wants to play/run the various levels. I expect that this will be between 32 and 40 weeks worth of PFS content.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2