Friday, July 25, 2014

Our PFS Data

Here is some data about our PFS experience from the last five years. This is not a commentary but just some interesting facts.

This the breakdown of our group's PFS GMing:

This is our total breakdown of scenarios, modules and adventure paths:

This is the breakdown of where I have played my PFS sessions. (Home = one of our houses, cars or hotels i.e. not an organized venue)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

PFS: Update of Aasimar and Tiefling Grandfathering

From John Compton
It's apparent from reading the messageboard and a few messages I've received that it's not clear what qualifies as "grandfathering." Let me clear that up.

The updated Guide will establish that a player cannot retrain a character into an aasimar or tiefling without a corresponding race boon. That means that if you're playing a character that you intend to grandfather in as an aasimar or tiefling, it's critical to play the character as an aasimar or tiefling. None of our pregenerated characters are aasimars or tieflings, so that means that pregen credit is not sufficient for grandfathering in a character.

What about for GMs? For a character built entirely from GM credit, is it possible to determine what race that character is or would become? Let's look at two major possibilities for a GM with a 5th-level, unplayed blob of GM credit.

Really Strict: The player needs to actually play the character as an aasimar, thus locking in the character.
Really Lenient: The player can choose to be an aasimar or tiefling whenever she actually builds and plays the character because she applied XP to the character before August 14th.

Mike and I have discussed better approaches, and we're going with something in-between.
Moderate: If a GM intends to use a character made of GM credit to build an aasimar or tiefling, simply write something to the effect of "This character will be an aasimar when I play it" on the most recent Chronicle sheet that grants XP.

You don't need to get it notarized or anything like that, nor do you need to establish what class, ability scores, or other character options it has. This is just a simple, self-policing step to establish a character as a member of a restricted race in time for that character to be grandfathered in. What we don't want is a GM holding onto undefined GM credit for 18 months before making a tiefling, as that's going against the spirit of this opportunity.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tomorrow - PFS:Finish Fangwood Keep and Gen Con HEX Playtesting

We have one more encounter and the final paperwork to wrap up Fangwood Keep. I expect that this will take about an hour.

After that I plan to run my 2-hour super hero scenario that I will be running at Gen Con. There are 8 characters and only 5 players. I was expecting that Dave, Bruce and David can run two characters each as they are most familiar with HEX/Ubiquity. Dave and Bruce have dibs on Snowfire and Lonestar. Other than that you can divy up the rest as you see fit.

The character sheets are linked at

As Alan and Kelly are only playing one character, I will give them first pick of the remaining characters assuming that they respond before the game.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PFS in Season 6

Season 6 is the Year of the Sky Key.

Last call on aasimar and tiefling characters. These races are being removed from the always available list as of 8/14/14 when the new Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play goes live (start of Gen Con). A character must have earned 1 XP by that date to be grandfathered into the campaign. In the future, these races will be available again through boons. To help make up for this, they are adding three new races to the always available list: kitsune, nagaji, and wayang.

Many factions are changing. Here is the mapping for the impacted factions:

Sczarni and Qadira  - The Exchange
Osirion – Scarab Sages
Taldor – Sovereign Court
Cheliax – Dark Archive
Andoran – Liberty’s Edge

As far as I can tell Silver Crusade and Grand Lodge are not impacted. Regardless, each character is supposed to be offered the option of a free faction change at the start of Season 6.

Check out more details here:

Iconics 2

Iconics 2