Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hero Lab Missing Features

So far I have discovered 3 different things missing from Hero Lab (or I have just not found the proper method for implementing):

The additional 4 class skills picks for Eidolons are unavailable

The printed character sheets leave out first level domain abilities for clerics

No options for variant classes (although it does have variant sub-domains and schools of magic)

Anybody have others? I can bundle them all into the same email to Lone Wolf

Ready to run again starting 9/7/10

I believe that Bruce is planning to run again this week. I am about 70% sure I will be there but things are still fluid. It is my anniversary and plan could change.

I should be able to run the next week assuming that Bruce is ready for a break.

I will likely run some more Pathfinder. We have the remainder of the Carrion Hill adventure and the Slumber Tsar stuff that we can continue with (for quite some time). There is also the conclusion of the lizard-themed adventure for Reggie and the gang. I have an adventure for after that but I will hold off on running anything new for a while. The only exception would be some Pathfinder Society adventures. What do the players want to do next?

I am still a few weeks from running more HEX (I have several adventures to read and modify to fit the group)and likely a few months from running All For One. As I am not very comfortable with the setting, I would like to start by running a published adventure but there are not any yet. I have it on good authoirity that eight are in the works and something should be available in the near future.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Additional All For One material on the way

It looks like Tripple Ace Games will be supporting the new All For One setting.

They have already made the Map of Paris and a character sheet available for free. These both are a part of the All For One book.

Check out what will be coming in the next few months:

To make it easier for us to play, I will be buying an electronic copy of the book as well as these Richelieu's Guides.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Added a page for Bruce's game

I added a page for Bruce to place materials about his current Pathfinder game.

I will try to update my page and my website with more meaningful material (notes, summary of what is going on, etc). I will need character names and classes for the Carrion Hill and Slumber Tsar games from each of you.

Maybe Dave can update the notes for his game? What level should we now be?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Future Gaming Planning

I have been thinking of things that I would like to run in the "near" future. It appears the list is very long.

I want to runs some more HEX. I have more adventures that I believe that I can run for Becky and the crew. I would also like to run the Wilderness Adventure Kids scenario that we were supposed to play test. (I am also looking to lay hands on some more.) There are some published adventures from Triple Ace Games available and one due out from Exile Game Studio shortly. I think that they are all surface world adventures but I will have to pick them up to see.

Then there is the official HEX playtest! I am pretty excited about that. I hope to know more about what that entails soon.

On the Pathfinder front, we have plenty of options.

I have another adventure ready for the Wandering Knights of Korvosa. When you finish the current adventure, you will be 11th level. That should take one more session to wrap up. The new adventure will take you up to 13th.

I would also like to finish the Carrion Hill adventure. (5th level characters.) We are about a 1/3 to 1/2 way through the adventure. I guess that would be another two sessions.

The question was asked about running more Pathfinder Society games. I am up for that. I have several adventures already purchased and more are available. The average party level (APL) for the group at 6 or 7 players is 3. At 5 players it will be 2. With a rating of 3 that means you would pick Tier 1-2 or 4-5 on a Tier 1-5 adventure or be slotted in Tier 3-4 on a Tier 1-7 adventure.

I show the follow character level breakdown:

Kelly -Level 1 (0 scenarios)
Steve - Level 1 (2 scenarios)
Dave - Level 2 (4 scenarios)
Kara - Level 2 (4 scenarios)
Corey - Level 2 (4 scenarios)
Randy - Level 2 (4 scenarios)
Bruce - Level 3 (7 scenarios)

We also have the Slumber Tsar adventure. The first three installments (1st adventure) are supposed to take the characters from 7th to 11th level. There are two more adventures after that (total of 11 more monthly installments). We can run this for a long time.

If that was not enough, I would really like to finish the Expedition to the Demonweb Pits that I started back in 2007. We were about half way through when we left off. Problem is, it was so long ago, I am not sure of the state of the characters. I had them at 10th level and I do not believe that they were ever done up in Pathfinder.

Here is the list that I have for active players:

Jennifred Hollibright - War Mage - Bruce
Wizard/Cleric/Mystic Thurge - Dave
Ketai Kyuzo - Samurai/Kensai - Randy
Rogue/Paladin - Steve
Rogue/Bard/Shadow Dancer - Kara

There is also Champions. When/if I start this again, I would like to bring back the Remedy. I think everyone has a character except for Corey. I would also like to run the 6th Edition of the rule. That will mean I will have to ready the book and character conversions. This one is a ways off but I am thinking about it.

All that said, what do you, the players, want me to focus on running? I will take your input under advisement. I am also enjoying playing in Dave's and Bruce's games. I will gladly give them some time to stretch their GM wings a bit.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Plan to start running Hex again soon

Re-energized by Gen Con (and a bunch of adventures that have been posted) I plan to start running HEX again soon. The plan is to continue with Becky and her crew. I would also like to run the Wilderness Adventure Kids scenario.

We will also have an opportunity to do some play testing. I am not sure what that will entail just yet but I should have an idea soon. I have sent an e-mail with the Non-Disclosure Agreement. We will need to return those first before I get any additional materials.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2