Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Next Tuesday

The current plan is for Bruce to run PFS #3-08 Among the Gods next week. This is a tier 3-7 scenario.

It looks like everyone has at least one character that will fit either the low or hight sub-tier.

Below are the variations of party make up based on sub-tier:

If we play low sub-tier:

Randy – Witch (3)
Alan – Ranger (2)/Rogue (2) or Paladin (3)
Kelly – Monk (4), Fighter (1)/Bard (3), Cleric (4) or Rogue (3)
David – Arcanist (4) or Druid (5)
Dave – Arcanist (3), Cleric (3) or Sorcerer (5)
Keith - Summoner (5) or Ranger (5)

If we play high sub-tier:

Randy – Cavalier (7)
Alan – Summoner (6)
Kelly – Sorcerer (1)/Barbarian (5)
David – Oracle (6), Druid (5) or Summoner (7)
Dave – Sorcerer (5) or Ranger (2)/Fighter (4)
Keith – Wizard (6), Summoner (5) or Ranger (5)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Just Announced - PFS Core Campaign

There was a PFS announcement made today on the Paizo blog. Check it out -

I am not sure how this will impact our group. It potentailly opens up a ton of play options assuming that you all want to play characters from the Core Rulebook.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Next Tuesday - PFS Smorgasbord

First up - We will be playing the last encounter of #20 King Xeros of Old Azlant. Steve plans to attend so that we have all of the same characters/players present. This will likely take the first hour. As this is only a 1 XP scenario, I cannot add Alan to this game.

Second up - We will continue and finish the Emerald Spire Level 1. As this is a 3 XP and 4 PP adventure I have more flexibility here. If Steve and Randy wish to play, they just need to have a 1st or 2nd level character. As the party has already completed 10 of  the 15 encounter areas, I will only be able to award 1 XP and 2 PP to any new players. I expect that this will take around an hour or so to complete. (Randy can play Anahrchy and Steve can play KrankKrank!! [2nd level rogue] or a new 1st level guy.)

Time permitting - We will continue with the Silver Hex Chronicles quests. We have two more that the entire group has not yet played. I expect that we will get in one. You play these with level 1 pregens and apply credit to a 1st level character. (Steve will need a new 1st level guy as Holytrauma is tied up in the online PFS game.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

PFS Tonight

Alan will not be able to attend tonight. So instead of finishing Level 1 of the Emerald Spire and playing a quest or two, I will be running #20 King Xeros of Old Azlant. This is a tier 7-11 scenario.

Steve will be attending and playing tonight. He has a 9th level rogue and a 7th level sorcerer.

Kelly has a 9th level Paladin.

Randy has a 7th level cavalier.

David has 9th level fighter(7)/ranger(1)/barbarian(1), a 9th level alchemist and a 7th level summoner.

Dave has an 11th level Summoner, 8th level cavalier, 10th level fighter (3)/bard(2)/dragon disciple (5) and an 8th level oracle.

Bruce has an 11th level witch, 7th level samurai, a 9th level magus and a 10th level inquisitor.

Depending on character choices, it looks like you will likely fall in between sub tiers which for seasons 0-3 scenarios requires a table of 6 or 7 to play up. If you only have 5 players or less, you would have to play down.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Gen-Con hotel money

reminder to Dave, David, Keith, and Steve...

you owe me money!!!


this is just a reminder, i have not gotten the bill yet, but soon, very soon, i will.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2