Friday, February 24, 2012

AFO Books

If anyone is interested, you can purchase your own copy of AFO directly from Triple Ace.

The All for One portion of the store is found at:

There is a physical copy of the hard cover for $34.99 plus shipping.
PDF version is $24.99.
Player's Version PDF (without the GM materials) is $14.99

There is also a Paris soucebook, Paris Gothique. The soft cove book is $24.99 plus shipping.
PDF version for $19.99.

I have a hard copy and PDF of both books. I have copies of each of the Richelieu's Guides in a binder which I will have at the game.

Next Tuesday

As of right now I am still planning on running PFS next week. That said, I am still having issues with my vision. I am seeing distortions from my left eye (even when closed) on a periodic basis. It comes and goes. It makes reading and typing difficult. Makes it hard to work and also enjoy my downtime.

It has been going on for the last week and a half and it does not appear to be getting better on its own. I have been to the eye doctor twice and he has not discovered anything. His initial diagnosis is a Retinal Migraine. No course of treatment offered from his perspective. He will consult with my regular doctor who is out until Monday. I may have to schedule doctor visits, tests and possibly hospital time depending on what they find. I just do not know at this point.

If I am not able to attend, this is my fair warning to have a Plan B.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Beyond PFS

After we complete the Ruby Phoenix PFS stuff in mid to late March, I was considering starting an All For One game.

This will mean that everyone will need to create a main character and a lackey. You play the main character and someone else at the table plays the lackey. I have a copy of the main rules, a paris supplement and many small supplements with additional character material. I also helped compile the most recent character creation cheat sheets and will see if I can get another update before we start to play. Based upon our resources, we may need to have a session dedicated to create characters.

I have 5 complete adventures for this game and could likely run for 4 or 5 months with that material. I do not need to run it consecutively. The first adventure is stand alone but the next four are connected.

I would also like to use the group to playtest the scenarios I expect to run at Gen Con. These will be HEX and will take a night each to run. There maybe some spillover based upon when we start but each is expect to fill a 4 hour slot. I have 4 adventures to design and playtest. These will be run with pregen characters like they would be at the con. Part of the testing is testing the character builds. I am still working on the adventures. I hope to have them in a playable state by sometime in April or May.

The only drawback is that if we play them before the con, you would not be able to enjoy them at the con. I figure that is not an issue for most of you but I wanted to put it out there.

We can also sprinkle in some PFS to keep the advancement going. (We are almost to the point where we can play tier 5-9. Just need to finish the current scenario and play one more for Corey.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, 2/21/12

Who plans to be there next Tuesday? Need to know if we have enough folks to continue the PFS scenario we started or if we need to plan something else.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Next Week

It looks like we will be down to a maximum of 4 players next week. Dave has to cancel.

Should we plan to play PFS and maybe invite Matt F or do we want to do something else? Bruce's game, board game, etc.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PFS Adventure Tracking

I have posted my PFS adventure tracking spreadsheet for our home games. The Scenario Tracking tab shows the scenarios/modules the player has run and/or played. The Character Tracking tab shows the class, level and XP of a particular character. This information is as accurate as I can make it based upon what I know. If you play somewhere else, you would have to tell me so that I can adjust the document.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Merrymead AR 4712

There is a new PFS holiday boon. I will have copies for folks tomorrow.

If you are interested, check it out at:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Ruby Phoenix Info

The Ruby Phoenix Tournament uses the Performance Combat mechanic from Ultimate Combat, pp.153-157. Basically it is a mechanic used to sway the crowd and to earn Victory Points.

Performance Combat rolls are determed by your CHA bonus plus derived bonuses based upon your BAB and the highest ranks in Perform:Act, Perform:Comedy or Perform:Dance.

May make a Performance Combat check when:

Swift Actions
Make successful Combat Maneuver
Max base damage on Weapon or Spell
Using an Energy Spell or Effect
Perform successful Feint
Knock opponent prone
2 or more successful attacks in a full attack sequence

Free/Immediate Actions
Confirm critical hit
Draw first blood of the combat
First time entering rage in combat
Vanquish opponent

Must make a Performance Combat check when (No action required):

Use Magical healing
Roll natural 1 on attack roll or saving throw
Use withdraw action

Keep this in mind when selecting your character to artifically advance. This may impact your decision on which character to play.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Next Several Weeks

I plan to run PFS for the next several weeks.

I will be starting with a three part story which has linked scenarios; The Quest for Perfection—Part I: The Edge of Heaven, The Quest for Perfection—Part II: On Hostile Waters and The Quest for Perfection—Part III: Defenders of Nesting Swallow. These scenarios take place before the Ruby Phoenix Tournament.

Characters that play through all three parts get a special boon as part of the third Chronicle. I expect this boon to be of interest to many players. These are Tier 1-5 adventures. I expect you will be playing at sub-tier 4-5.

That said I expect the party to be made up of the following:

Bruce - Jack - Samurai (3rd w/8XP)
Dave - Fantasticleez - Cavalier (2nd w/5XP)
Steve - Karorgrarbag - Sorcerer (3rd w/6XP)
Kelly - Fabbl - Druid/Bard (3rd/1st w/11XP)
David - Al goBoom - Alchemist (5th w/12XP)
Kara - Simone - Bard (5th w/12XP)
Corey - Phi-torr - Fighter (4th w/10XP)

If everyone attends, that is an APL of 4.7. There is no cleric or rogue but many characters have at least CLW on their spell list. If folks want to go with lower level characters, we can always play the lower sub-tier.

When we are finished with these I will run the module, Ruby Phoenix Tournament. The events take place after the Quest for Perfection scenarios. Because of changes to the PFS rules, this will be our only chance to play this module for PFS credit using the old module rules. We have until 3/16/12 to get this done. For this you will need to choose one of your existing PFS characters. You may artificially level up that character to 11th level. This version of your character may have up to 82,000 gp in total wealth and may not spend more than 41,000 gp on a single item. This version of your character will not have any PP and cannot have benefited from any previous PP expenditures. You have a few weeks to decide but you should plan ahead especially if you want Dave or someone else to help you create you leveled up character.

This character need not be the same character that you played through The Quest for Perfection. Completion of the module, assuming you make all the sessions and do not die, withh result in 3XP and 4 PP. There is the possibility for some cool boons and a very lengthy chronicle sheet. Gold earned will be determined by the actual level of the character that was artificially leveled.

Once we are done with this, everyone should have at least one 5th or higher level character. I can then run Wonders in the Weave—Part I: The Dog Pharaoh's Tomb and Wonders in the Weave—Part II: Snakes in the Fold. These are tier 5-9 scenarios. The events in these take place after the Ruby Phoenix Tournament. There is also a special boon for playing these in order in consecutive sessions with the same character. It remains to be seen how useful this boon will prove.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2