Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tengu Pirate

Check out this guy. He is from the upcoming Skull and Shackles miniatures set.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Next Several Weeks

Alan will not be able to attend next week and Bob is scheduled to work. (He will let us know if he gets the day off.) David plans to be back for next week.

Based upon who we know will be there for sure, Bruce, Dave, David, Kelly, Kara and Keith, I think that we should plan for the following:

- Next week (5/28) Plan A - Dave runs one of the tier 5-9 scenarios I provided him (Season 3, The Ghenett Manor Gauntlet #3-03 or The Immortal Conundrum #3-10 or Season 4, The Green Market #4-06 )

- Plan B - Bob plays a level 7 pre-gen if he is able to attend.

- Plan C- Keith runs tier 1-5 The Night March of Kalkamedes

- Week after (6/4) - Keith finishes running Master of the Fallen Fortress and Bruce is prepared to run the quest The Urge to Evolve to cover if there is remaining time for the evening.

- Following 3 weeks (6/11-6/25) - Bruce runs tier 2-4 Thorn Keep - The Forgotten Library. Everyone should have a character that qualifies to play this and once we have finished, everyone should have at least a 3rd level character.

- Tuesday's in July through Gen Con - Keith runs HEX playtest of Temple of the Spider Cult and super-HEX From the Case Files of Manhunters, Inc. I want at least a night for each. Also plan to run both tier 3-7 Way of the Kirin and Rivalry's End. Both need to be completed prior to Gen Con to get the "cool" end of faction boons for Lantern Lodge and Shadow Lodge characters. Way of the Kirin is released next week on Wednesday and Rivalry's End is scheduled for release at the end of June. If you have a Lantern Lodge or Shadow Lodge character within tier, you will likely want to play then in these end of faction stories. It will be a tight fit with the holiday and the pre-Gen Con Tuesday but with 5 to 7 possible sessions we should be able to fit in everything.

Does this plan work?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Next Tuesday

We will finish up the Veteran's Vault at the start next week. After that, I will run Master of the Fallen Fortress. It is a short module which can be played by 1st and 2nd level characters. It will earn you 1 XP and 1 PP. Hopefully we can get both completed during the time available. The only one that will need to play a different character will be Dave.

David will not be there for sure. Is anyone else likely to miss the session?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

This Tuesday

Who is planning to attend this week? Trying to decide what we will be playing.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Next Week

We wrapped up the fisrt level of Thornkeep last night. Bruce is ready to run the next level but it is for characters leveled 2nd to 4th. Everyone except Alan has a character that will qualify. He needs two more XP to achieve that. He could play a 4th level pregen but I think he would become more vested if he played his own character.

I have a couple Season 4 scenarios (Tier 1-5), The Veteran's Vault and The Night March of Kalkamedes, that I could run to get some more experience under a few characters' belts. Assuming the same characters, that would take Alan to 2nd and Kara and Kelly both to 3rd and Dave to 4th.

David will miss a session in two weeks and he is respecing his pregen cleric into a summoner.

I also have two 3 XP modules that I could run which are tier 1-2. Long story short, I can run for the next few weeks until Alan has an approriate level character and then Bruce could pick up with Level 2 of Thornkeep.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2