Friday, March 31, 2017

Item for Phook

Hey Dave - When Ho Lee gets a chance, he will look to get a set of these for Phook.

Tusk Blades: These metal caps must be specially fitted to a creature’s horns or tusks; a blade reminiscent of a sword or axe head projects from each cap. If the creature makes a gore attack (including as part of a powerful charge), the attack deals both piercing and slashing damage, and has a critical threat range of 19–20 (this range can be increased by other effects). Tusk blades can be enhanced as melee weapons; the enhancement is applied to the creature’s gore attack. Cost 50 GP, Weight 10 Lbs.

I would assume to make them magical, they would need to start as masterwork. That would up the cost to 350 GP. I assume that this is the cost for a set. Adding enhancements would be made to the set and not each individual tusk blade.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Post Session Stuff and Next Week

I believe that this is the proper reporting information for last night’s game:

18524-6 - Trance (Dead)
18518-7 - Elise (Dead)
14370-9 - Meatwood Flack
14366-4 - KrankKrank!!
14340-12 - Thrakorzor
8566-13 - Alowishious VanFasticore
1420-20 - Sneedle

Before I mark either Alan or Kelly’s characters as dead, is there any plan through Prestige or gold to bring either of them back? If it is a factor, this chronicle will grant 1300 GP to each surviving character.

One last piece of business - closing the rift to the negative energy plane.

To close the rift, you need to succeed at 3 DC16 checks. The possible skills for these checks are Knowledge (arcana, planes or religion), Linguistics, Perform (oratory), Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device. Each PC can attempt a single skill check. Expending an ability that releases positive energy, such as cure spells and channeling, grants a bonus on a single check. For spells, the bonus is equal to the level of the spell; for channeled positive energy, the bonus is equal to the number of dice rolled. Every 5 points by which a character exceeds the check’s DC, the PCs earn an additional success.

If the four remaining characters can accomplish this task, that will earn you the 2nd PP.

Next week, I will plan to run 7-27 Beyond Azlant Ridge. It is another tier 3-7 scenario. We could play it in the 3-4 sub-tier but Alan would have to play a pregen as I killed his last two characters in that range. If we play the 6-7 sub-tier this is what the character choices look like:

  • Randy - 5th level barbarian
  • Alan - 7th level paladin or ranger/rogue
  • Kelly - 7th level barbarian/sorcerer or 6th level rogue/sorcerer
  • David - 7th level oracle, 6th level shaman or 6th level arcanist
  • Steve - 6th level slayer or 5th level rogue/barbarian
  • Dave - 7th level ranger/fighter, 7th level sorcerer, 6th level rogue, 5th level Arcanist or 5th level barbarian/cleric/fighter
  • Bruce - 7th level gunslinger, 6th level summoner, 6th level arcanist/bard, 6th level witch or 5th level cleric/barbarian

Monday, March 27, 2017


Are we expecting everyone except for David tomorrow night?

I plan to run an evergreen PFS adventure that is tier 3-7. It is #8-07 From the Tome of Righteous Repose. Elements of the adventure change so that it will be different for each run. You may play this one multiple times but only once with the same character. I expect that you can play it 3 times with everything being fresh but there are enough elements that many more plays could be had.

It looks like everyone has a character within the low, 3-4 tier. Randy has a fighter, Alan has a summoner, Steve has a rogue (shocking really), Kelly has a couple of cleric and a fighter/bard, Dave and Bruce have a bunch of choices.

Friday, March 24, 2017


Ever since Starfinder was announced, I think of this song:

To save you the time, it's called STARFUCKER by Nine Inch Nails.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Starfinder Mini Preview

Some previews of new ships and some of the race minis. They are a little hard to see but they have the promise of cool.

Shackled Hut finish

We will finish Shackled Hut next Tuesday.  Pick a PFS character to assign your chronicle!  The level range is 5-7.  There is a boon on all the RoW sheets that stacks.

There are 2 major encounters left, and maybe half a dozen fiddly ones.  Considering our collective attention span, it wouldnt surprise me to have it take all night.  We should still have something else on deck.  Bruce said he had a character generator link for Cthulhu 7e.  We should have characters ready.  I volunteer Kelly to play a Hobo.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Strange Aeons Treasure

Still cannot find my printed character sheet for Strange Aeons. I do have my Hero Lab file and he is at 4th level.

Does anyone have our current money total for Strange Aeons? I have 635 gp, 8 sp and 5 cp on my electronic sheet. Does that sound right? I know that we had a list of treasure we were planning to sell when we got to town. I believe that Bruce said that has not happened yet and that we have not yet had a chance to shop.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Coming to Gen Con: Starfinder Society Organized Play

Check it out:

If there is interest, we can add this new game to our Tuesday menu.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fun Fund is Empty Again.

With the purchase of new printer ink and after my contribution to make up the difference, the fun fund is now empty again. Donations to the cause are greatly appreciated.

Reign of Winter Continues 3/7/17

We are planning for Dave to continue Reign of Winter next week. We are starting the session with a combat.

The following week, 3/14/17, we will be missing Alan and Steve for sure. That night is also Randy's birthday. Anyone else not planning to make it?

Any requests as to what to play with a smaller group? The group would be small enough to play Shadows of Brimstone. I could also get a PFS scenario together.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2