Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Slight Change in Plans for Tonight

I changed my mind. I will start running Murder's Mark, a Tier 1-2 module for PFS credit tonight instead of Fangwood Keep. That means that you need either a 1st or a 2nd level PFS character to play.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Reconsidering Next Week/Future Planning

It seems that we have a couple of different goals in mind. David needs at least 2 more XP for his 4th level character to be able to play the next level of Thornkeep which is tier 5-7. Bruce, Dave and Alan all need some XP for 1st level characters.

If I run Fangwood Keep, looking at the character levels for the players, it appears that running a 3-5 module may be problematic for some. Bruce only has Jack at 5th level and Dave has no characters.Kelly, Kara and David all have 2 or more characters at 4th or 5th and Alan had his cleric at 5th.

Do you guys want me to plan something else? We are short on low level material but we do have some. I have 3 tier 1-5 scenarios that are a series which none of us have played or run. I also have a level 1-2 module which none of us have played. We have one tier 3-7 scenario which none of us have played.

There are 3 tier 1-5 scenarios and 2 tier 3-7 scenarios which Bruce and I have played. If he were willing to run them, I could use some/all of my GM replay credit to play some of these again.

Do you want me to proceed with Fangwood Keep with Dave and possibly Bruce playing a pregen? Would you preper that I run the module Murder's Mark (Tier 1-2), then Shades of Ice scenarios parts 1-3 (Tier 1-5) and lastly Fangwood Keep (Tier 3-5)? This path would allow new and current 1st level characters to achieve 4th level. This would take about 2 months to achieve.

Credit from The Dragon's Demand will take a 2nd level character to 6th and a 3rd level character to 7th level.

I want to set the group up to have fun and success. Selfishly, I also want to enable situations where other folks can run. We have a bunch of Tier 5-9 scenarios available. Dave has two prepared to run and I have at least a dozen more. Tier 7-11 we have at least 2 dozen we can play.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Next Week's Game

Next week I will start running Fangwood Keep. It is a Pathfinder module. When it is run for PFS credit it is tier 3-5 and grants 3 XP and 4 PP upon completion. I expect that it will take 2 to 3 weeks to complete.

This should provide the opportunity those who want or need to raise their character a level before Bruce runs the next level of Thornkeep (which is 5-7). If anyone wishes to play a 4th level pregen the can assign the credit to another character once it hits 3rd level for full GP or a 1st level character with the GP reduced to 1398.

Need information from last week:

Please provide your character name, number and faction from last week's adventure. I could guess for most of you but it seems better coming from the source. I need this to complete your chronicle sheets and report the scenario.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ascendance Day Boon

There is a new PFS Holiday Boon: Ascendance Day.

Check it out at http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/v5748dyo5lfdu?Ascendance-Day

I will have chronicle sheets tonight.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Future Planning

Here is what I have in mind for our gaming future.

Next week

Next Tuesday, 10/8/13, we will play a tier 1-5 PFS scenario, The Stolen Heir #5-04. This would be a good opportunity to play a new character to expand your stable. Some of you have an XP credit from playing We Be Goblins Too! which have been assigned to an as of yet undefined character. You must have a character ready to play by the time we start next week. (That means do the work before you arrive.)
New HEX Characters

Because it will be very difficult bordering on impossible to accomplish, I will not even try to keep the XP the same for your ne HEX characters as that of your old characters. I think I am comfortable allowing you to have 30 XP beyond that from character creation for your new guy. Once everyone has a new character completed, and I have had a chance to review them, I will schedule some more HEX.
The Dragon’s Demand

I plan to run a new Pathfinder module, the Dragon’s Demand. This will be a several month adventure which will take your characters from 1st to as high as 7th level. I am willing to start running this as soon as 10/15/13 but folks will need to have their characters made. We can play this continuously from beginning to end or we can play it in parts with other stuff in between. We will see how things go. There are three chapters in the module. Chapter one will take you from 1st to 3rd. Chapter two will take you from 3rd to well into 4th. Chapter 3 can take you from 4th to 7th.
Character Creation: Charters should be 1st level. For ability scores use a 25 point buy. Hit points will be max at first level. Each level after will be average for you hit die plus your constitution bonus. You will have 150 GP to buy your starting gear.
The Hook: A man named Silas Gribb offers you a job as caravan guards. You will start the game in north central Taldor within the Verduran Forest traveling south from the city of Wispil, a gnome town which provides most of the kingdom’s woodcraft and timber.
PFS Credit: We will be playing this adventure in Campaign Mode. This means that you will play a non-PFS character but you can assign PFS credit for playing to a PFS character or characters of your choice. (You could make your character to be an alternate version of your PFS character if you like.)
At the completion of the adventure, there are three chronicles that can be earned and applied to PFS characters. The first is for characters leveled 1-3. The second is for characters leveled 3-5. The third is for characters leveled 5-7. These can be applied to the same character or multiple characters. If applied to the same character you will earn a bonus chronicle which can be applied to a 2nd, 4th or 6th level character. Each chronicle is worth 3 XP, 4 PP and has gold, boons and items available upon them.
In my estimation, the optimum way to apply these chronicles is to a 2nd level character. You would apply the 1st chronicle (taking you to 3rd), then the 2nd chronicle (taking you to 4th), then the bonus chronicle (taking you to 5th) and lastly applying the 3rd chronicle (taking you to 6th).

Iconics 2

Iconics 2