Sunday, July 22, 2012

Can we finish the PFS?

Can we get together and finish the PFS adventure we started? I'd like to free-up that character so I can play him at Gen-Con.

Boon Companion

Hero Lab now adds levels to the animal companion after the last update.  Wewt!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Change of Venue for 7/17/12

Next week we will be holding the game at Daren and Kara's house. For those who do not know or remember, they live at 333 Massoit, Clawson, MI.

This change is temporary. Bruce's has a new work schedule. He is hoping to be on days but he will let us know if there is a continued conflict. If so, we will make longer-term plans. I know that Bruce, Steve and Kevin will not be there for sure this week.

To keep things simple this week, I will be running a HEX agventures with pregen characters. I will print them and provide. This will not be one of my Gen Con scenarios but likely a Free RPG Day adventure or one plucked from Mythic Eras. I gathered up my HEX books and accessories but did not grab anything else that belong to any of you.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2