Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun Funds Are Low

It is not an emergency but our Tuesday Fun Fund is getting low again. I plan to purchase 2 more PFS scenarios next week which will bring us down to about $3.00. I plan to contribute some cash to the total but I was thinking to do so after Gen Con.

The list of contributions and purchases are listed on the blog (upper left corner).

Related question - I do plan to run the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game in the near future. I think it will be fun. The only issue is that the game uses special dice and the books will not be available electronically. I will be getting a copy of the rules, the GM pack (extra material, screen, adventure, some more dice and another adventure. The retail price for all of that from the manufacturer will be around $125 plus shipping (might be able to do better from another retailer or obtain without shipping). Not sure how easy it will be to play with only one rule book and 2 sets of dice. Would we consider using money from the fund to buy adventures or other game materials so we can play a new system? Books are $60, dice are $15, GM kit is $20 and the first adventure is $30.

Next Tuesday and planning ahead

Next week I plan to run Way of the Kirin. It is a Season 4 scenario for tier 3-7. This is the Lantern Lodge finale story. I expect that we will play the sub-tier 3-4.

Alan (cleric) and Bob (sorcerer) only have 3rd level characters. Kelly has three 4th level characters (monk, barbarian/sorcerer, paladin). David has two 3rd level characters (oracle and summoner). Kara has a 4th (barbarian) and a 5th level (cleric) character. Dave has 4th (oracle) and a 6th level (figther /bard/dragon disciple) character. Bruce has a 4th (gunslinger) and a 5th (samurai) level character.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Within a couple of weeks, I will be running Rivalry's End a Season 4 scenario for tier 3-7. This will be the Shadow Lodge finale story.
  • Post-Gen Con, Bruce plans to run Thorn Keep - The Enigma Vault which is tier 3-5. The next level afetr that is Thorn Keep - The Dark Menagerie which is tier 5-7. If you have limited characters, you will want to have at least a 4th level character when you play the next level so that you make 5th to play the next and hopefully 6th to play the last level.
After I run Way of the Kirin and Rivalry's End, we currently have limited options left for starting characters and characters between 3rd and 5th level. Once we get folks to 5th level, we have a bunch of material, and when everyone is 7th level, we have even more. We have hardly tapped the potential of the mid-to-high tier material available.

Here our our near-term options:

Scenario # 2-15 - Shades of Ice - Part I: Written in Blood Tier 1-5 (1XP)
Scenario # 2-17 - Shades of Ice - Part II: Exiles of Winter Tier 1-5 (1XP)
Scenario # 2-19 - Shades of Ice - Part III: Keep of the Huskarl King Tier 1-5(1XP)
Scenario # 5-01 - The Glass River Rescue Tier 1-5 (post Gen Con) (1XP)
Module - Fangwood Keep - Tier 3-5 (3XP)
Scenario #3-16 - The Midnight Mauler - Tier 3-7 (1XP)
Scenario #4-09 - The Blakros Matrimony - Tier 3-7 (1XP)
Scenario #5-02 - The Wardstone Patrol - Tier 3-7 (post Gen Con) (1XP)

I have a couple of tier 1-2 modules that I can run if we need to play new characters. Playing both will get characters to 3rd level.

I plan to use a few weeks in July to playtest my HEX stuff for Gen Con. I need at least two weeks and maybe three for that. We might get in one or two more PFS games before Gen Con.

Alan plans to miss the session on 7/9/13. Does anyone else have planned absences coming up?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Skull & Shackles Adventure Path is Now PFS Sanctioned

The Skull & Shackles Adventure Path is now PFS sanctioned. This means that we can play it for PFS credit in one of two ways:

1) with in tier PFS characters adventuring through select portions of the adventure path.
2) in campaign mode, using home game rules and characters (I am ding this with Rise of the Runelords for my Saturday game). Players receive chronicles as if they played a pregen and can assign them to existing or new characters per the rules outline in the Guide to Organized Play.

The PFS credits are 3 XP and 4 PP (plus gold, boons and items available) per chronicle and are awarded for the following tiers:

Book 1 - tier 2-4
Book 2 - tier 5-7
Book 3 - tier 7-9
Book 4 - tier 9-11
Book 5 - tier 11-13
Book 6 - tier 13-15

If folks are interested, we can look at trying this out after Gen Con. I think that campaign mode works the best but it can be a commitment. An adventure path is made up of six 96-page books.  This one takes characters from 1st to 14th level. We will have new miniatures in July and I already have pawns and some ship maps.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Undead Unleashed

Who is interested in preordering the next undead Pathfinder miniatures mini–set? The set includes 12 sculpts and a box coves with 24 single figure boosters. There are 4 new sculpts, 3 of which are common. Check out the Paizo blog previews for more details:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Next Week - The Night March of Kalkamedes

I will be running The Night March of Kalkamedes, a tier 1-5 Season 4 scenario next week. What subtier we play depend upon what character you want to play.

To help you decide, here is what folks have available:

Alan, you should play you cleric so that you can get to 3rd level and qualify to play in the tier 3-7 adventures I plan to run between now and Gen Con.

Bob, your character is currently 3rd but only needs 1 more XP to make 4th. You can play your sorcerer or start a new guy.

Kelly, you have Kazmuk (monk), Bellis (barbarian/sorcerer) and Dominic (paladin). All are 4th level. Kazmuk is 1 XP away from 5th. You also have the choice of starting another new guy.

David, you have Tamara (oracle) and Penny (summoner) who are both 3rd. Tamara is 1 XP away from 4th. You also have the choice of starting another new guy.

Kara, you have Zhen Lao (barbarian) at 4th. You also have Ting Ting (monk) at 1st with 1 XP. You could play her or you could respect the character into something else if you would rather she be another class. You also have the choice of starting another new character.

Dave, you have Li Hua (oracle) at 4th or Helmet (ranger) at 1st, with 1 XP away from 2nd, or you need a new guy.

Bruce, you know what you have going on. Goonter (gunslinger) is 3rd, Kermit (fighter) is 2nd and Jack (samurai) is 5th. You then have a slew of other 1st level characters available.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Readied Actions

Apparently we have been doing Readied actions somewhat incorrectly.

It is a standard action to ready and you may perform a standard, move, swift or free action when the condition is met. A 5-foot step can be performed as part of the Readied action as long as no other movement (not move action) was performed in the round.

This means you can move 30 feet to the wall by a doorway and state that you will attack the first creature that comes through the door.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tomorrow Night

I am planning to finish up Master of the Fallen Fortress tomorrow night. If there is time let over, Bruce will either run a quest, The Urge to Evolve, or begin the next Level of Thornkeep.

I am expecting Bruce, Dave, David, Kelly, Kara, Alan and Bob. Is anyone not planning to make it?

I would like to know if I need to change the plan.

Iconics 2

Iconics 2