Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ubiquity Artifact - Mask of Dykannon

What do you guys think? Is this straight forward enough?

Mask of Dykannon
Artifact 2
Catalysts Required: 2
Creation Difficulty: 4

The shape of this golden mask shifts fluidly when worn. The mask fastens itself to the wearer, gently hugging their head and face. Once donned, only the wearer may remove the artifact. The mask was originally created and worn by the sorcerer, Dykannon, for his own use. After his recent death, a portion of Dykannon’s life force clings to this artifact.

Through whispered advice and admonitions, the artifact imparts and reinforces knowledge for the wearer. While wearing the mask, it grants the wearer a +2 bonus to one of the following skills each turn: Academics: Occult, Alchemy, Brawl, Focus, Linguistics, Martial Arts, Melee, Sorcery: Theurgy or Survival.

Additionally, the mask is encoded with the knowledge required to cast the ritual, Shield of Dykannon. This counts as an additional memorized ritual above the caster’s limit and can be cast regardless of the character’s Max Ritual Rank limit.

Enchantment: Ritual: Shield of Dykannon (+4 Enchantments), Mentor 1 (+2 Enchantments)
Drawback: Activation Requirement: Magical Aptitude Talent (-2 Enchantments)

Shield of Dykannon

Rank 4
Tradition: Theurgy
Research Difficulty: 7

This ritual creates a shimmering, translucent mystical shield that can protect the caster. While active, the Shield of Dykannon grants the benefit of +6 Passive Defense.  This protection applies to all attacks made against the target, including touch attacks and those attacks which cannot normally be seen. The bonus to Passive Defense is granted once the caster achieves 5 successes on an extended Sorcery roll. The effects of this ritual last for the duration of one scene or the remainder of combat.

While the Shield of Dykannon is active, the caster may attempt to expand the protection to targets within a 10-foot radius sphere. As a Reflexive action, the caster may attempt a Sorcery roll to expand the protection to nearby targets. The caster must achieve 5 successes in a single roll to activate this protection. If successful, targeted objects and beings within the Shield of Dykannon also gain the benefit of +6 Passive Defense while within it. This effect may be deactivated as a Reflexive action at will of the caster. Otherwise, it will remain until the ritual expires.

While protecting others, if an attack penetrates the Shield of Dykannon, the excess successes against living targets result as damage against the caster of the ritual rather than the target. Damage from an area effect attacks is only applied against the Shield of Dykannon once, regardless of the number of protected targets within the sphere.

If a recipient leaves the area of the ritual, the protection granted immediately ends. Re-entering the ritual area will reinstate the bonus to Passive Defense. The ritual does not prevent others from entering the protected area but does not grant protection to targets that were not originally designated when the expanded protection was activated.

Enchantment: Extra Sense (+2 Enchantment), Power: Force Field 3 (+6 Enchantment), Increased Area of Effect - Radius (+4 Enchantment)

Drawback: Damage Proxy - Full (-4 Enchantment)


  1. That's pretty badass. I'd put a drawback in there to backfire against an evil caster. Dykannon wouldnt help out a bad guy.


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