Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ambassadors Declassified

I recently uncovered some gems of gaming past. For your enjoyment and remembrance.


  1. That they were. I found all sorts of stuff. Some I remember well and others not so much. One thing is clear, I did much more game planning in the past than I do today. At the very least, I wrote more of it down.

    This was from the Ambassadors reboot that I ran at the Lozier house. I had forgotten about Babe. I believe that she was Kelly's character.

  2. "Reboot?" That was a report from the original Disciple, Dale Fenner. Gold Mask. The new Disciple from the reboot had a blue Mask and I dont remember his name.

    1. Reboot as in we took a long break and we started playing again. The characters were still the same but things changed in the world. I do not remember a blue-masked Disciple.

      Did Disciple become the Dykannon? Did I actually run another game in the Ambassadors/Manhunters universe?

    2. You started a for-real reboot set in the future. The original Ambassadors were all MIA for various reasons, especially the magic-powered ones. You were careful to say that magic was on the downswing in the new era. Everybody made up new characters. I dont remember what anyone else played, or even who made characters. It was the last gasp of ever playing Champions at all, IIRC. Maybe you were trying the latest edition?

      The new Disciple was an inner city kid from Detroit. He learned magic from Dale. At the time of the game, ND didnt know the whereabouts of Dale, but Dale never called himself Dykannon while mentoring.

    3. Sort of rings a bell. Not sure if we got too far into it.

      I definitely ran the Remedy game after the Ambassadors.

      A.B.E.L. – Artificial Being Emulating Life - Artificial human (android) with psionic based telekinetic powers (Darin)

      Agent Muffin – Retired government agent turned street fighting hero (Bruce)

      Emerald – Psychokinetic with powers of persuasion over inanimate object (Kara)

      Fear – Psycho-empath and mental illusionist (Alan)

      Micron - Size changing Kron of the Dog Clan of the Nanoverse (Steve)

      Rx – Avatar of Dog (Randy)

      Seraph – Synthetic angel (Dave A)

      Gear – Hometown, street fighting hero and gadgeteer (Danny)

      Manticore – Exiled magical construct (Shawn)

      There was also the Pulse game that I ran for a while on Sundays where you were playing the Renegades.

      Coldfire - Detroit Police detective with fire and ice powers (Russ)

      Coldsnap - Latina social worker with fire and ice powers (Kay)

      Dogface - Military man transformed in to a hulking pseudo-werewolf (Dave A)

      Fadeout - Investigative News producer with invisibility, telepathy and TK (Bruce)

      Harry Berlin - Private investigator with an eye for the mystic (Brian)

      The Unknown - Crazy Vietnam vet living off the grid projecting his delusions on those around him (Randy)

      The Sleeper - Disillusioned school teacher with access to the dreamscape (Christian)

      Wonder Man - Rich businessman with the powers of strength and invulnerability (Jon)

    4. New character, i'm thinking. How many points?

    5. That Remedy game was fun. That was the best character concept Randy ever came up with.
      The Pulse game was the last Champions game. I had a lot of fun playing Shawn in that.

  3. Babe was mine. Super model by night, super hero by day. high charisma and skills. Had a transform power of some sort. Turning all the world into something more fashionable.


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